Advertorial– 1028

This post is gonna excite a lot of you! Especially those with an obsession with being fair and those with oily skin woes!

Now, you know the MOST fundamental part of skincare is SUNBLOCK right?

No matter where you get your skincare from, from a clinic like IDS or from beauty counters or pharmacies, the one thing they have in common is that they always stress on the importance of sunblock.

Without protection from the sun and UV rays, your skin WILL age FAST. And wtv product you use can’t completely undo sun damage.

Don’t need me to say la right? Everyone knows sunblock is mandatory.

Personally, I’m SUPER kiasu. I always wear sunblock. On days I have outdoor shoots or I know I’m gonna be under the sun for a long period of time(read: more than 15 mins lol), I even take ORAL sunblock haha. If anyone’s interested, I take the Heliocare orange pills, and their orange and green ones for extra protection when I feel I need more. This is normal right??? I have even more kiasu friends who wear sunblock to Zouk, I swear! Like at night!

Having said that, I think it’s safe to say that VERY few people like to put on sunblock. It’s not pleasant. Some are thick, some too watery, some don’t spread evenly, some make your skin oil up. Correct??

Well, today Imma introduce a new brand(new to Singapore!) called 1028 that will change the way you view sunblock!

1028 is from Taiwan and it’s HUGE there. The Taiwanese girls LOVE being fair, to the point that they go for whitening jabs just to be fair(I did those a couple of times before they were banned in Singapore! They worked but results don’t last very long. In any case, banned already la. *sad*)!

So anyway, back to 1028. I know you’re skeptical cos I was too! I’ve literally NEVER heard of the brand!

But they sent me these 2 products to try and I did anyway…

The 1028 Skin UV Whitening Sunscreen and the 1028 Ultimate Oil-Control Powder. The packaging is so clean and sweet!

Bare-faced with just the Skin UV Whitening Sunscreen on. The texture is FABULOUS. Really light, thin and it’s absorbed immediately! Such a brightening effect too!

I’ve used it for a week and I LOVE it. Enough coverage(for a sunscreen) plus I feel it has evened out the tone of my skin. My skin feels really protected without any of that “sunblock feeling”!

 These are its benefits:

  • Non greasy
  • Can be used as a skin care essence base
  • Boast of SPF 50 protection
  • Contains 2% tranexamic acid with Vitamin C, hence making it highly effective in skin whitening as well
 Watch the video on my new fave sunscreen. They put it on half her face so you can compare better! (Video is in mandarin but their mandarin is so pro even I don’t understand some terms haha. Just watch, you’ll get the gist!)

Next up, the 1028 Ultimate Oil-Control Powder that goes so well with the sunscreen!

This is with the sunscreen and then the 1028 Ultimate Oil-Control Powder over it. You’re supposed to use it over your T-zone and areas where you oil up more. I used it all over my face to show you girls the texture of this. It’s incredibly fine(not cakey AT ALL) and mattifies shiny areas without drying your skin like most powders do! Superb for touch-ups! And the packaging is so tiny and cute. Love this!

Benefits of 1028 Ultimate Oil-Control Powder:

  • Mineral-based ultimate oil control powder
  • Helps to keep your makeup stays matte throughout the dat
  • Perspiration proof
  • Cute small packaging, easy to carry around
Watch the YouTube video on this oil-control powder HERE!

Just for the month of August, you get 20% off when you buy both the Skin UV Whitening Sunscreen and the Ultimate Oil-Control Powder!

This promo is available at the following outlets:

- Tiong Bahru Plaza
- Tampines Mall
- Singapore Post
- Ngee Ann City
- Bugis Junction
- City Square Mall
- AMK Hub
- Junction 8
- Novena Square
- Toa Payoh Hub
- Northpoint
- Bukit Panjang Plaza
- Causeway Point

- Wisma Atria
- Westgate
- Tampines one
- Jurong Point
- 100 AM
- Plaza Singapura
- LOT 1
- Causeway Point
- Vivo City
- Great World City
- Junction 8
- Novene Square
- Parkway Parade
- Bedok Mall
- Hougang Mall
- Chinatown Point
- Holland Village
- Northpoint
- Clifford Centre

Sorry for the long list! Just know that 1028 is gonna rock our shores in a big way! Lots of exciting stuff they have other than these! Can’t wait to try out more and share! :)

 FB Page: 1028 Singapore

Instagram: @1028SINGAPORE


Got this comment on my blog today.

“Lol Kaykay please, all your blog posts are only on advertorials. A blog is a place where you update about your life, etc. Not just advertorials. What do you take us readers for? To help you to earn money? A blog is a place for you to share your thoughts, instead you just use it to earn money.”

You know, I used to feel guilty when I didn’t blog much on my life, and my blog is just ad after ad. Even up till recently, I would apologize when there are too many ads.

But now when I’m thinking logically, WHY SHOULD I FEEL GUILTY?



Who the beep decided that a blogger HAS to update on his/her life?

Dear annalim66 (author of the above comment), do I go tell you what you should or should not do with your life or your social media spaces?


And you know why? Cos you don’t owe me a living. I have no right to govern over your life.

Likewise, who are you to dictate how often I write about WHAT?

Do you own any of the space here? Did you contribute to ANY of the content or even the inspiration behind it(prior to this)?

Advertorial or not, every post takes EFFORT.  It’s not like I can or will cut and paste someone else’s work and put it here.

Advertorials take way more effort cos I take pride in my work. I wanna put the best pics I can so I take a million shots in the best light I can and edit them further if I think they’re not good enough, I triple, quadruple check for spelling and grammatical errors, I make sure I have every detail of the product/service included in my post, and to make all of it sound interesting and appealing is not always easy, no matter how great the product is.

I work my beeping ass off for ALL my posts. Even if it’s an ad, what’s it to you? You don’t have to pay a cent to read the posts I’ve laboured on. If you don’t believe in it, you don’t have to buy or try whatever I’m advertising. Can’t you just appreciate the hard work I’ve put in?

Take for example SingTel’s new app Dash. I love it to bits, I think it’s awesome. But it’s DIFFICULT to convince people to try out a new app and change the way they pay. I was commissioned to talk about the app and what I like about it, but I don’t get anything regardless of how many of you sign up nor do I get less money if you don’t.

I would LOVE to hand you a bloggers’ brief and see how you convince a large audience of your opinion of it.

Oh wait, you can’t. Cos you don’t have a large audience. And I say this with no pride. It’s factual.

How do people BECOME bloggers? If it’s so easy, why don’t you and all your friends do it and earn money and then you can shut up about how I earn mine?

In the very first place, I never ever felt like I’m a blogger. Yes I started a site about myself, but it is NOT in my nature to share every detail of my life with all of you on a regular basis.

I just write what I wanna say. Sometimes, I’m inspired to pen down my thoughts, like now. And when someone comes along and pays me for an ad, I do my job and write the ad.

Sometimes there are more ads, sometimes less. What’s your deal with it?

“What do you take us readers for?”


Don’t get me wrong. I love that people actually read my words and the stuff I have to say, even though I don’t write super well and I’m not the most clever at describing things. I’m humbled that so many of you nameless and faceless(to me) people come here. I really hope my work here is worth your while and the stuff I write affects you in some positive way, no matter how tiny.

But the fact is, I don’t owe any of you, especially when I don’t even know you at all, anything. Even for this post, the time I’ve taken to write it is way longer than the time you would spend to read it.

I didn’t force nor trick you into coming to my site.

This is my space. As long as I don’t do anything malicious or deliberately hurtful or illegal, what I do with it should be up to me. How much of my thoughts I wanna share, or if I even do so, is MY prerogative. Not yours.

Ad or not, every word here is my own. Even when I am paid, the text is all my own. I much prefer clients who let me word things my own way and write an ad the way I feel like, rather than stifle the way I write and give me a huge chunk of info to place here.

If you’re not happy with my words, don’t come back.

Start your own blog. Do my job better than me.

Just stay away.

Please please please don’t come here out of your own accord and then get angry over something I did NOT do to piss you off. That’s really pointless and I’m sure you have much better ways to spend your time and your emotions.

And now that I’ve said that, let this be an official announcement: I am no longer a blogger from this day on.

Calling myself a blogger was just an easy(read: lazy) way to describe what I do. When in fact, I do MUCH more than just write here. Apart from this website, I co-own @mydreambag, I manage @yankaykay on Twitter and Instagram and now YouTube, and I dabble in other stuff that I don’t wanna talk about here(not illegal, I’m just private about it).

To me, this site here–, is just a means of rambling more than I can fit in a tweet and more pics than an Instagram post. And if that means it’s just longer ads and the occasional opinionated post, SO WHAT?

A huge reason why I no longer wanna be known as a blogger is cos I don’t understand why there’s so much hate associated with BLOGGING. I’m really sick of this industry– drama, politics, wars. Nobody beeping takes bloggers seriously. And I don’t blame you all. I, too, associate blogging with creating drama and fighting with people.

Name me the top 3 most respectable professions you can think of. Mine are doctors, scientists and parents. Idk what yours are, but I’m willing to bet cash that they don’t involve this amount of hate and senseless fighting among one another in the same trade.

I do know of some lovely bloggers, and I wish for their sake, people will start taking blogging as a legit profession. But at the rate things are going, I don’t think it’s possible. Not in the foreseeable future. Not to me.

If you’ve noticed, I’ve been trying my best over the past 2+ years to clean up my act. I don’t engage trolls and I stopped picking fights or fighting back. Even when I’m provoked and hurt like hell, I do nothing online. Of course, I curse and swear and scream irl. And I cry. I cry a lot. But on the platforms I am on in public, I reveal nothing.

And trust me, this was no noble move. I didn’t do it cos I wanted people to take bloggers seriously and start treating us like professionals and with respect.

I did it purely for my own selfish reasons.

I wanted people to take ME seriously and start treating me like a professional writer and with respect.

But today, I’m really tired. I give up trying to be a professional blogger. These people are rarer than unicorns. I think one of them is Lady Iron Chef (even though I’m not sure he refers to himself as a blogger). He’s super zen. Always professional. He delivers his work solidly. Zero drama. A lot of people think his job is all about eating, but I know for a fact he works hard as hell and I honestly don’t know a blogger who works harder than him.

Apart from him working hard, what I respect most about him is that he got his numbers NOT by creating drama and hate, and instead, by the sheer quality of his work. No matter how people troll on him and provoke him or try to suck him into some kinda war, he’s just chill and so focussed on his work.

I also have nothing but respect for the Love, Bonito owners Viola and Rachel, and the Ohvola owners Lucinda and Jolene. I think these girls started blogging as a by-the-way thing cos of their online businesses, but I guess most people view them as bloggers as well. They are all super sweet and hardworking. Again, zero drama. Don’t think they don’t get their fair share of hate. I know for a fact they do. But just observe how much grace with which they carry themselves publicly.

A few years ago, the me then would have described these people as “vanilla”. Pleasant but predictable and unexciting. Now I know– having restraint and maintaining composure is the toughest bravest most un-vanilla thing to do.

I can only wish I’m a fraction of these people. I have much less control over my emotions and focus. But I am trying. One day, I will be super zen too and people will take me just as seriously.

Till then, I am NOT a blogger. This is NOT a blog. This is just my website and I am just an online writer with more readership than the average person.

If you like what I write here, please come back. If not, please take your hate and your preconceived expectations somewhere else. I’m not a blogger. I’m not your blogger.

And yes, Thursday has been a horrible day. I look forward to Friday and the weekend, and my getaway with the girlfriends. Sorry for the depressing post. There’s a happy one tomorrow but yes, it’s an ad. Don’t come here angry please. I need some cheering up.