Advertorial– SingTel Easy Mobile

I say first. This post is gonna be me bitching about my hp bills. But don’t worry. There’s a happy ending to this story. Please read!

My old mobile plan(signed in Sept 2012):

SingTel Flexi Value: $59.90/month for 200 outgoing minutes, 900 local SMS and 3GB of local data. Excess data was $5.35/GB till Dec 2013, then $10.70/GB from 1st Jan 2014 onwards.

Maybe 2 years ago, I wasn’t that enthu about Instagram and YouTube, both which take up a lot of data. So I thought this Flexi Value plan was enough for me. 3GB of data did seem like a lot.

And then look what happened…

My last month on Flexi Value:

My outgoing calls were okay. So were my SMS’s, duh(who uses SMS these days right? Even my dear daddy has upgraded to Whatsapp haha). But my data… Zzzzzz. Exceeded by 2GB. And this was on a good month. And NOT even at the end of the month yet. Help me.

Let me show you the previous 6 months as well:

EVERY SINGLE MONTH EXCEED!!! No. NO. NO!!! Granted, some months I went overseas and was roaming, but because I used up so much data, every month I used more than what the plan allotted me. What happened to the $59.90 a month I signed up for?

And trust me, this isn’t SingTel’s fault. When I was with M1 and Starhub previously, every month I also exceed! My M1 bills averaged out to more than $200 a month, consistently! SingTel seemed cheaper when I switched over 2 years ago.

But please la, I don’t wanna exceed!!! I paid $981.70 for my hp bills for the last 6 months OMG. Almost 1k! Bleedinggggg.

BUT I already signed for 2 years! Bo pian right??

The inertia to not change plan was super high for me, and I’m sure for many people as well. It’s sooooo troublesome to change plan. Plus I figured I’ll just wait it out till it ends then I can go for a more suitable plan. That way, I can get a new phone too at the recontracting price.

Before my plan was up, I was online watching some YouTube videos and one of the ads was of Maxi (of Ah Boys To Men fame) talking about some mobile plan. I usually skip most YouTube ads cos I wanna watch the actual videos themselves but I love Ah Boys To Men haha so I watched on.

Here’s the video if you’re interested!


And I thought, “Hey, seems like a good idea…” I SWEAR I watched this video even before SingTel approached me to talk about Easy Mobile. It must be FATE…

Or… My diehard love for the Ah Boys To Men cast. I digress.

So yeah, as fate and luck would have it, SingTel really did pick me to try out Easy Mobile! Luckiest girl ever!

So Easy Mobile, true to its name, is super easy. It doesn’t come in fancy plan names that don’t make sense unless you memorise the specs of each one. The plans just come in 4 sizes. S, M, L, XL. Like clothes.

And there are no specific details to each plan, like how many outgoing minutes, how many SMS, how much data. All each plan consists of are UNITS.

S: 4 units
M: 10 units
L: 16 units
XL: 26 units

1 unit is for 50 mins of talktime OR 500 SMS OR 0.5GB of data.

The stuff you can actually do with 0.5GB of data! Watch all the eps of Babe Of All Trades TEN TIMES! Hahahah!

Here’s the trailer for Ep 4!!!
*insert trailer*
If you only allocate 1 unit of your Easy Mobile plan for data, you can watch 250 of such trailers! LOL.

If you read only ONE line in my entire post, let this be it: THE COOLEST PART OF EASY MOBILE IS CONTROL AND FLEXIBILITY.

Because you can tweak your plan any way you want, EVERY SINGLE MONTH.

So let’s say you take the M plan: 10 units. You can decide you wanna use 2 units for 100 mins for talktime, 1 unit for 500 SMS, and you have 7 units for 3.5GB of data!

But if next month you go to Tekong for BMT, or your bf goes to Tekong for BMT, and you won’t be using data cos can only SMS and chat on the phone, you can CHANGE your plan to 5 units for 250 mins of talktime, 3 units for 1500 SMS(haha kuazhang!), and you still have 2 units for 1GB of data!

And then maybe 3 months later you get posted to a unit that allows more phone usage, and you know you’ll be using mostly Whatsapp to communicate, you can change your plan to 1 unit for 50 mins of talktime, 1 unit for 500 SMS, and 8 units for 4GB of data!

The point is, you can change it every month and tweak it however you like! I’m pretty sure this is the first time in Singapore we are allowed to customise our mobile phone plans and change it every month if we want! So exciting right??

You can easily make these changes at or if you’re an app person like myself, on My SingTel app! It’s idiot proof. I show you in a while…

The lovely people at SingTel took a look at my current usage and told me the L plan is enough for me. I was very skeptical cos I compared it with my (then) existing plan of $59.90/month, and the Easy Mobile L plan is only $65/month. ENOUGH MEH???

Like I said, I really really don’t wanna exceed. Even if I take the XL plan, it would be only $105/month. Even if I add all the miscellaneous caller ID and wtv, it would still be significantly less than 1k for 6 months yes?

SingTel told me, JUST TRY. And in any case, I could always upgrade to XL later, so that was pretty reassuring.

So here are some screenshots of my personal bill from My SingTel app:

This is the standard one that you get when you sign up for the Easy Mobile L plan.

This is me trying to tweak it!

Like I said, I use A LOT of data and talk very little and least of all use SMS, so this is how I tweaked my plan.

 2 units: 100 mins outgoing calls
1 unit: 500 SMS
13 units: 6.5GB data

I’m really pleased with it. Cos for just a few bucks more than my previous plan, I get more than double the data I used to get. Plus I know I’m not paying for freaking 900 SMS that I know I won’t use. Nor will I be paying for an extra 100 mins of talktime that I also won’t use!

It’s soooo awesome that I get to pick exactly what my money is paying for!

If you’re one of those who is always complaining about your crazy handphone bills that charge for things you don’t even use, give Easy Mobile a try!


Tip: Easy Mobile works ENTIRELY online so you can’t get it from the physical stores. Gotta apply online. “Why/how is this a tip?”, you ask.

Answer: I didn’t have to queue a single minute for my iPhone 6 128GB in gold. ;)


Advertorial– Just Tangy

Hello! If you’ve been directed here from my Instagram, you might have been curious as to what’s in my bag!

These are my party essentials!

Mini wallet for just cards and some cash, my Shu Uemura concealer, 1028 blotting compact, 2 lippies for when I wanna change my look, and my new Yosi Samra flats!

 ”Why flats?”, you ask.

Lemme show you my latest prized possession:

120mm So Kate’s. Beautiful, no doubt. But at the end of the day -actually just a few hours- my feet wanna murder me. LOL.

I’m sure all you girls complain about sore, achy, blistered feet from wearing high heels.

No one ever said the price of beauty is low.

Solution? Bring another pair of shoes out. But everything is so bulky! Who wants to carry another pair of more comfy shoes that take up so much space? Slippers? I really don’t wanna carry my dirty Havaianas in my Lindy haha. Plus rubber flipflops dress everything down many notches! HOW???

The ever sweet Just Tangy sent me these Yosi Samra’s to rekindle my relationship with my feet haha. Yosi Samra is a New York designer who created these foldable babies that take up so little space! Big big plus for me cos I love small bags. And they come in a mini dustbag to store them in!

Read more about them on Just Tangy’s blog!

My very own Yosi Samra’s! I wear 37 or 37.5 usually and my YS’s are size 7.

Note that these are NOT rolled up; they are FOLDED. I got those vending machine rolled up flats last time and while they were light, the entire shoe from top to sole was super flimsy and broke after a couple of months. :(

These Yosi Samra’s are really light but yet durable. The bouncy double soles (2 separate rubber pieces for heels and balls of feet) make folding them a breeze and they’re SUPER cushy!!! Cushy is my new fave word btw. I guess it’s short for cushiony and I use it to describe plush towels, fat comforters and pillows… You get the gist. I love cushy stuff!

Really really so well made. And pretty to boot! I chose Charcoal and Silver cos they kinda remind me of my silver Chanel pumps. Just a lot more comfy! Plus the silver tips match even my dressier outfits so I don’t look like I changed out of my heels haha. Also, my fave VS Angel Alessandra Ambrosio has the exact same pair!

SO much classier than flipflops!

I also like these nude and white ones!

Sweet and neutral.

There is a whole range of options, from red patent to nude and black and white ones. See for a pair you will love! And please ask them to bring in the gold ones for Christmas!!!


They are gonna be launched at Just Tangy on the 30th of October so shop HERE for yours then! :)