A couple of comments I received on my blog inspired this post.

One of them said this,

It’s fucking ridiculous how you post nothing but advertorials, and you keep contradicting your OWN advertorials which you’ve obviously forgotten what you lied about, because it’s hard to keep track of lies.

EVERY thing to you is a MUST own/MUST use/SUPER good.

How about honest advertorials for once? Or are these what paid for your Hermes?

I see what ** means about your credibility.

To this I say: I don’t remember ever asking you to read my blog? 

Since the last saga about my credibility on my recommendations, I have put ad disclaimers on every paid post. “Advertorial” for my blog and “sp” for my posts on IG and Twitter. The word Advertorial means it’s an ad.

One thing you might not know, sometimes clients require our ads to contain certain key points/phrases, that might or might not contradict other clients’ products. Not to my knowledge/memory, but I suppose this might happen.

I can try to tell you what’s not so good about a product I’m advertising if that constitutes as “honesty” but if you all know me by now, when I like something, I REALLY REALLY like it. With my friends/guys, stuff I buy/own, food I eat, there are no half measures. If I love, I love all the way. I’m easily excited and emotional about stuff and I wanna share how awesome it is. I focus on what’s good and that’s just me and the way I’ve always been.

On my part, I’ve tried every product sent to me before I do up my posts. I’ve sensitive skin, so I’m sorry(NO I’M NOT SORRY) that a lot of products I’ve been given REALLY do work on me. I genuinely believe in the efficacy of them, just some more than others.

For future ads, I’ll try and ask for giveaways/samples la ok, so the nice people among my readers can try also.

And you trolls. Seriously. For example, if 2 years ago I said I think topical collagen doesn’t work, and NOW I’m presented with a product containing topical collagen which WORKS on me, WTF do you want me to say?

WHY ON EARTH can’t my opinion change because a few months/years later, improvements have been made and I now have to swallow my words on what I said before?

Why am I a liar?

Just FYI, the oral Meiji collagen is really good and I was never ever paid nor sponsored by them to say anything, so that wasn’t an ad at all. At that point, all the topical collagen stuff didn’t work on me, and now the Atelo mask does and it transforms my skin. So what do you want me to say? People like you make me scared to share what’s good. I don’t lie about the effects of each product, but if 2 years later I say something is better, you’ll brand me a liar?

And in case you’re blind, I did state it’s an ad.

If I say it’s super good and you must try, the onus is on you decide if my words are credible. A simple search on Google will show what other people say/feel about the product. I AM NOT THE ONLY ONE.

You speak like if I tell you to jump, you will. I don’t see what other reason there can be for you to be so mother-effin angry.

If I’m always lying and dishonest about my reviews(paid ads), then surely after a couple of times, people won’t believe me anymore.

What’s the worst that could happen? YOU stop reading my blog? Whoa.

I have never forced my opinions on anyone of you. I didn’t take a gun to anybody’s head and say “BELIEVE ME OR I’LL SHOOT.”

SO many bloggers post ads. Why so angry with me?

And why CAN’T I post ads huh? This is my blog. Who are you to dictate what I post?

And on the subject of my Hermes stuff… This really pisses me off.

When I was just modeling and could afford one nice thing in a fuckin long time, or people bought me nice things for my birthday/Xmas, YOUR FILTHY MINDS could not accept it. You said I must be a social escort, kept woman, sleeping with dirty old men blahfuckblah. Am I so retarded I’d sleep with someone just to get a freakin bag? Shouldn’t my bo lui ex bfs bear testament to how I do not go for money???

Now that I’m doing better and can afford nicer stuff more frequently, YOU ALSO NOT HAPPY!!! Do you even know how much a birkin costs? I would be THRILLED if my saying a product is good can get me a birkin LOL. My money also comes from businesses, stocks, and investments, just FYI even though I owe you no explanation.

You are just UNHAPPY.

I post ads, you unhappy.

I say things good, you unhappy.

I buy Hermes, you unhappy.

I smlj, you also unhappy.

You wake up one day and COME to read my blog and decide, “Hey fuck, her life is better than mine, I shall leave an angry comment”. Well, just so you know, MY life is great and Imma keep on buying more Hermes.

Cos whatever you do, I’m happy.

You should try being happy too.

Now, you MUST go eat shit and die. Cos shit is SUPER GOOD and so is dying. AND THIS ISN’T EVEN AN AD.

Advertorial– Atelo® Collagen

So everyone’s heard of collagen, yes? I’ve raved about the wonders of oral collagen in my previous posts… But truth be told, it’s very tedious to remember to make the effort to drink it every day!

Recently, I was sent this awesome facial mask that contains not just collagen, but Atelo® Collagen! Atelocollagen is superior to collagen in that it penetrates our skin cells much more efficiently!

Atelo® Collagen promises 8 benefits:

1. Tighter and firmer skin
2. Sharper facial contours
3. Smoother and clearer complexion
4. Reduced appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and eye bags
5. Minimized pores
6. Reduced redness
7. Safe for sensitive skin
8. Easy and convenient to use

The packaging is SUPER COOL!

Each cartridge is individually sealed so it’s bacteria-free!

And each one comes with its own dropper so you can add the precise amount of water needed to transform the gel discs into GEL!

All you need to do is to add in two droppers of water into 1 cartridge and mix well, then apply it on your face. Wipe it off with a damp cloth after 20-30 mins.

The manufacturing of this product has been accredited with TUV ISO 13485 (for medical grade product) and TUV ISO 9001 (for good management) and it has been approved by the Singapore Health Sciences Authority. So you know Atelo® Collagen is safe to use and very legit!

Enough with the geek speak, let’s see the RESULTS!!! (all pics unedited)

Just upon application, the Atelo® Collagen gel immediately forms a thin transparent layer on my face. Still can see my zits and redness around my chin area.

As the gel mask dries up, I feel the skin on my face tightening and the redness disappearing!

At the end of the mask. See my face shape. Skin feels taut, not dry. Zits really dried up, this is very significant. And the most amazing part of all is that my pores have disappeared so much! It’s like someone mei tu xiu xiu-ed my face! I kept going super near my mirror to examine to results. REALLY unbelievable. You all NEED to try this.

STRONGLY RECOMMEND the Atelo® Collagen gel mask if you have an important event coming up or if you’ve just had too many late nights/bad dieting/stress and need a PERK-ME-UP for your skin!

This mask is beyond a moisturizing/anti-acne/anti-aging mask. It’s everything in one, like an INSTANT SKIN MAKEOVER. Please try!

Atelo® Collagen retails at $148 for 4 cartridges normally. You can get it at $118 HERE. X