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I know I don’t update here much but this is too wordy for IG, so please just read ok?

I recently had some car issues and because I was in Japan working, my dad sent the car in to a workshop at Sin Ming cause it’s nearer my place.


My dad paid $369 for wheel alignment, the pipe for wiper water, and a light bulb for the front light.

Okay right?


We took the car back and it was fine then a few days later, ALL OF A SUDDEN, the car started shaking very badly whenever we hit the brakes.

Like vibrating A LOT. So much that it freaked us out.

So obviously we sent it back to the Sin Ming workshop(let’s just call it Sharky Workshop from now on). And guess what they said?

“Engine pistons malfunction”. Cost to change?



And yes, it’s a BM so we should have expected that repairs would be costly. But things started to get fishy…

This car has one year of COE left so my dad was contemplating scrapping it now instead of paying the 5k, cause who knows within this year, how much more we’d have to pay for other potential repair work right? If we scrap now and buy another car, it would make more sense than paying this 5k. (lengthy explanation for this, something about scrap value now vs a year later and cost of another car etc, I’m v lazy to elaborate, anyway it’s not the point)

The moment the guys at Sharky Workshop heard that, they said,

“Okay, we can do it for THREE THOUSAND DOLLARS.”


Can suddenly discount TWO THOUSAND DOLLARS???

Super sharky right? If really need 5k to repair, how can they give so much discount so randomly?

So the moment I heard this, I insisted my dad take the car back and reject Sharky Workshop. And send the car to Bluwel for a second opinion. If really need to pay 3 or 5k, then we would consider scrapping. At least I know Bluwel won’t try and con me.

So my brother(he just passed so yay someone else to pick me from airport haha) sent the car in to Bluwel the next day.

Within 2 hours, Mervyn (the car angel in case you forgot the other post I wrote on Bluwel), bless his heart, texted me:

$300 can settle already. Change spark plugs and ignition coil. I ordered for you already the parts.”

Me: “Wah cfm? My dad asks if anything wrong w the 4 pistons”

Mervyn: “No leh the computer just say misfire. Which involves the spark plugs and coil. If change already still misfire means engine problem. Need to monitor, but just now we went to test drive all is good. So change already y’all monitor”

Erm obviously all that is Greek to me haha. But I was just SO happy we saved money and could fix the issue! 5k to 300 bucks leh!!! It’s crazy a lot of difference.

And I was extra assured cause Bluwel test drove it to make sure it was working fine.

We ended up paying 300+ cause of some other stuff(something to do with the aircon), but the breakdown was super clear on the receipt and my family was so relieved we don’t have to rush and hunt for another car now.

Now, I shared this story with my personal friends and everyone was like WHICH IS THE SHARKY WORKSHOP??? WE DON’T WANNA GO THERE.

I don’t want to share which workshop it is, cause there MAY BE a chance they diagnosed another problem which they deemed fit for repair. Like how different doctors diagnose illnesses and prescribe treatments differently. And I know by not sharing, a lot of you would just avoid all the workshops in Sin Ming in general, but this post isn’t about them. (And I’m still gon call it Sharky Workshop based on the fact they quoted us 5k then adjusted to 3k when they knew we weren’t gon go ahead with it)

What I wanna say is, even if you have a current workshop you’re happy with, you can always send it to Bluwel for a second opinion. Don’t be lazy when it comes to your car, cause you’re not a mechanic, you won’t know what’s really going on inside. If we were lazy, we would have paid 3k or even 5k to solve a $300 issue.

And if you don’t have a mechanic you trust, I personally vouch for Bluwel. So many workshops are so sharky, plus I really think my dad looks like he can be makan-ed lol he’s a f nice old man (love you daddy), and they’ll just milk you for whatever you’re willing to pay.

At least you know Bluwel won’t try to con you. This is NOT an ad, we paid for the new parts and Mervyn has no clue I’m even writing this. He didn’t even ask for an IG post or anything. Please just send your cars there for repair work and accident claims or any car issues la. If you’re a girl like me, you send to sharky workshops sure kena conned one. Just text Mervyn!

Bluwel Automotive Service Pte Ltd
Autobay @ Kaki Bukit
1, Kaki Bukit Ave 6, Blk C, #01-55, Singapore 417883

96610302 MERVYN
6745 2088  Office
9755 2088  Kenny Yap
9488 7111  Kwang

P/S: I’m super cynical and I think the sharky workshop might have done something to the car when we first sent it in, cause we never encountered any shaking prior to that. But obvsly my dad the nice guy doesn’t think so and I think he might make me remove this part of the post so I’ll just add it as a footnote cause I really think they made the shaking problem happen! So annoyed. If you’re reading this, probably means my dad hasn’t read my post yet hahahah.

Understanding More on Thermage!

So if you’ve read my first post on Thermage HERE, you’ll know I’m a huge fan of this non-invasive “face lift” with zero down time. I know many of you reading this are very young and might not need this treatment now, but knowledge is always good! Please share this with your older friends/relatives/colleagues if you find it informative. :)

Taken off my first post: Thermage works using a handpiece with a smooth, flat tip that delivers Thermage’s unique radio-frequency (RF) technology. It safely heats the deep, collagen rich layers of your skin. The heat helps tighten existing collagen and stimulate the formation of new collagen over time, which reduces sagging, renews contours, and improves the smoothness and texture of the skin’s surface.

I didn’t take a video this time so I’ll embed the previous one to refresh your memory!


Just FYI, even though I got both treatments done at IDS Clinic, they’re not the sponsor. Solta, the company that manufactures Thermage, approached me to do an educational post on Real vs Fake Thermage, so as to prevent the public from unwittingly getting fake treatments, and very generously allowed me to do a 2nd follow-up treatment! IDS Clinic kindly loaned me their existing machine and the ever sweet Dr B gave me an hour of her time to administer the treatment. So BIG thank you to Solta, IDS and Dr B!!!

Okay back to my post. My first post focussed on how the treatment is like and the results I experienced, so in this one, I’d like to share on the more technical aspects of Thermage…

For whatever procedure you do, especially to your face and when it costs 4 digits, I think it’s very important to be educated on what you’re getting yourself into. I’ve been hearing of “clinics” with fake Thermage machines and some unethical doctors charging significantly cheaper because they only give 450 instead of the usual 900 reps that I got from my tip from Solta.

While I know everybody loves a good deal, please please PLEASE make sure you’re getting bang for your buck! No point paying 75% of the market rate when you’re only getting half the number of reps and results! Check very carefully with your doctors.

Solta supplies the Thermage tips and machines to clinics in Singapore, as these are considered to be medical devices under HSA(Health Science Authority). So if you ever come across beauty salons offering Thermage, you’ll know it’s bulls**t. Either the machine is fake, or the therapist is untrained and uncertified by the official Thermage trainers.

This is what a REAL Thermage machine looks like:

^Official pic from Thermage. Not my pic.

The handheld device where they place the tip on.

My treatment room in IDS. So clean and purple– my fave colour!



Close-ups of the real Thermage machine.

A FAKE Thermage machine might or might not look like this:

Fake Thermage comes in many forms, most commonly seen in machines and some in the form of some skin care product(real Thermage has no cream or anything to take home, everything is done in the clinic). In this example, the image is totally different from the real ones and this model X-013 doesn’t even exist! The write-up can also be deceiving! This one here just copied the advantages of Thermage and added in a few more benefits to entice the readers. Zzzzz. Sounds like real right??

The worst part is, there are unscrupulous people who copied the machine so closely even I can’t tell them apart! Probably only the doctors/therapists who know the interface of the real machines will know. So horrible.

Please do not think that it’s just money wasted if you encounter a fake machine. Thermage uses radio-frequency technology that uses HEAT to safely tighten collagen layers. IF you have the misfortune of getting “Thermage” done by an uncertified user with fake devices, you risk BLISTERING and SCARRING. Imagine the fake tip burning you omg.

Also, on the pain factor, Thermage is uncomfortable to say the least. What for go through the pain and discomfort and don’t get real results as compared to the legit treatment??

I don’t mean to scare you. But I’d rather you not do Thermage at all if you’re going to go for an unsafe option.

But if this is something you wish to consider, here are some helpful points to ensure your Thermage procedure is authentic and legitimate:

1. Look at the clinic’s Thermage Machine & Tip. These devices should be EXACTLY like the pics I showed above. If the clinic has nothing to hide, they should be alright with you taking a look or even pictures of the equipment, which you can then confirm with Solta.

2. Ask the front counter and doctors questions such as these:

• Where did you get the machines from?

Answer: Solta (The manufacturer of Thermage)

• What is Thermage?

Answer: Thermage is a safe, non-invasive procedure that’s clinically proven to help smooth, tighten and contour skin for an overall younger looking appearance with little to no down time. It is suitable for all skin colours, on and off the face and all in a single procedure.

• Which Generation of Thermage are you using?

Answer: There are still clinics who are using the first 2 generations. They are called NXT & TC3 respectively. However the current generation is the 3rd Generation ‘Thermage CPT ‘Comfort Pulse Technology’’.

• What is the technology and energy behind this?

Answer: Monopolar Radiofrequency. Monopolar Radiofrequency allows for deeper penetration while others are for shallow heating.

• What are the features of Thermage CPT?

Answer: Cooling pulses, vibration feature

• How many Reps for Face treatment?

Answer: A typical treatment will be 900 Reps for the face and 1200 for Face & Neck. For some patients with thinner skin, they might be given lesser Reps depending on doctor’s observation and advice. Doctors will discuss with patients with regards to this. (This point is very important. If your doctor only gives 450 Reps, it’s not enough to make a significant difference in results. So please confirm the number before you proceed.)

• Is the Thermage Tip re-usable?

Answer: No. Only for 1 patient each.

Hope this post has been helpful and insightful!

How I look immediately after the treatment. Yay to no down time and YAY to glowy face even with zero makeup on. :)


Before and After pic, even though Thermage takes several weeks to months for full results to show. Lifted cheeks, lifted eyelids, a more contoured jawline, and overall tautness of skin.


For those who are curious, my favourite clinic is offering Thermage for $3,500! $3,500 for 900 shots is like one of the most affordable in Singapore. And this isn’t inclusive of the other perks they have during different times of the year. :)

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