Advertorial– SingTel Dash

Now, who hates to do…



When paying for stuff, it’s my number 1 pet peeve to dig into my (usually huge) bag to find my tiny wallet to pay!!!

Scrambling to dig for my wallet is ultimate SIAN. Not to mention the impatient faces in the queue behind me, making me extra stressed…

And cos I’m so blur, I sometimes forget to bring my wallet out when I change bags, or just at THAT exact moment while paying at the counter, CANNOT FIND my wallet.


Well, the ONE thing I’ll NEVER leave home without is…


I need it for work, to communicate, to pass time, to kaypoh on others. I REALLY cannot be separated from my phone.

So YAY cos SingTel created this new app called Dash! It’s an app for you to make payments and transfer money WITH JUST YOUR PHONE! It’s also totally FREE and I can’t begin to explain to you how much I love it!

Lemme show you how it works!

Here’s me at Watsons tryna pay for my fave dry shampoo…

1. I login with my Dash pin.
2. Select “Pay Business” and key in the merchant code of the Watsons outlet I’m at.
3. Key in the exact amount to pay.
4. Click “OK”


My receipt!

Easy or not???

 No need to dig in my bag for my wallet to…

take out my cash to pay and wait for change and keep heavy coins


take out my cards to pay by card and have to wait for them to print out receipt for me to sign


take out my NETS card and wait for them to go through the NETS process and me having to key in my pin and WAIT AGAIN for it to be approved (and that’s only if the NETS connection isn’t cut off and I then have to repeat the entire process)!


Let me show you one more time!

This time at my fave Koi!

1. Login and select “Pay Business”.
2. Key in merchant code (in this case 124 for KOI Marine Parade) and key in amount to pay.
3. Click “OK”!
4. Receipt automatically generated!

$4.50 paid for my Honey Milk Tea and I didn’t even have to reach for my bag or wallet!!!

And you know when an app like Dash is absolutely necessary???

When you’re buying this much KFC…

Who wants to struggle with their bags and wallets while carrying all this???

With Dash, I just pay with my phone and I’m good to go!

$25.80 paid, totallly fuss-free!

Not only can you pay merchants, you can even pay your friends! As long as your friends have a Dash account, you can pay them and vice versa!

I’m sure all of you have that one annoying friend who ALWAYS says,

“Sorry guys, I have no change.”

“Sorry guys, I forgot to bring cash.”

“Sorry guys, ATM very far.”

“Sorry guys…”


Now that there’s Dash, NO MORE EXCUSES.  Use Dash to pay me the $12.90 you owe me for the KFC I just bought, thaaaanks! Hahahah.

Also, Dash doesn’t require the iBanking token/dongle for you to make transfers to your friends! Just need your login pin, that’s all.

When I win/lose money at mahjong, Dash is SO convenient cos I don’t even have to take out my dongle to make transfers or give my friends my bank account details.

They can just Dash me the money. :D

Also also, you can use Dash to pay your bills! Handphone bills, credit card bills, all can!

The cool thing about Dash is that you don’t need to go to the bank to sign up for it. All you need is your SingPass details! (If you don’t have it, what’s wrong with you?? Hahaha, all Singaporeans have SingPass, just go request for a new password if you forgot yours!)

 Anyone with a smartphone can sign up for Dash! Even though it’s by SingTel, it works the same if you’re a Starhub or M1 user! It’s just an app designed to update the way you pay!

 And anyone who knows me knows I LOVE to SHOP…


Dash is available at all WingTai stores, meaning Topshop, Miss Selfridge, Warehouse, Uniqlo, Adidas and even more!

I can now Dash all my payments!!!

Too damn pleased. *FLIPS HAIR*

Now, Idk if you heard me when I said Dash is a FREE app, but that’s not all!

If you get a Dash account now…


That’s at least 2 large bubbleteas from KOI! Hahah.

There’s no minimum amount you have to put it. You can deposit 0 CENTS haha and just use the free 10 bucks any way you want! It’s not a marketing gimmick, and there are no hidden terms or conditions.

It’s really just $10 free. If you like Dash, great! If you don’t, you’ll still get $10 automatically upon signing up. Promise!


(you’ll see “You’ve been invited by Kay Kay” but rest assured I don’t get anything from you signing up for Dash. It’s just to track how many people click from my blog. Please support my efforts haha.)


Read more about Dash here:



YouTube: DashSingapore

Hashtag for Campaign: #needsanupdate (search this tag to see all the people talking about Dash!)

I really hope a lot of you get Dash and then more stores will start accepting payments by Dash and we can all Dash monies to each other and pay everywhere with just this app! For now, just download it and sign up for the free $10 and try it out! Tell all your friends and family too! Click the above link in PURPLE! Dashing you some kisses now! X


I think what I’m about to say is gonna be a very unpopular opinion. But I shall state my point anyway.

This post is inspired by a series of ugly events I witnessed online. To do with… Cheating.

Now often, it’s the guy who cheats. Right?


Girls cheat too. For every guy who cheats, I’m sure there’s a girl somewhere cheating too.

But why do we think men are always the cheating bastards?

Cos girls are way more vocal about their pain.

Girls need to cry, rant, get enraged, depressed, need sympathy, strength, and they achieve these being vocal about the hurt that they feel.

Men? It’s “unmanly” and “gay” to be mopey and sad. In front of your bros, it’s already embarrassing enough having been cheated on. So I’d think most guys just mask their feelings, at least more than girls do, and at least make a show of moving on.

Different people define “cheating” differently. Could be physically sleeping with someone else, or emotionally having romantic feelings for someone else, or flirting. Someone I knew defined it as “anything that you know would upset your partner and you still choose to do it and you hide it from him/her”, which I suppose is relevant too.

Now with all the social media available to us these days, people are increasingly exposed. Social media opens doors to unprecedented levels of temptation which leads to potential cheating, yes? Tempting pics, “perfect” lives, “angelic” personalities. The grass on the other side looks fuckin green all the time.

And with all the private messaging going on, it’s easy to receive and/or send a text without getting caught. One thing leads to another and before you know it, things are out of hand.

I think fidelity takes more discipline these days. No matter how great the love.

Because of social media as well, it’s the norm to post about your happy/sad times, to share your relationship ups and downs, even to complete strangers. So what the fuck happens when you get cheated on?

I’d think the standard response for most girls would be to rant and bitch on their platforms. About their bastard bf/husband and the whoring slut who broke them up.

And the amazing thing is, women LOVE a cheating story! They seem to love coming together like a support group and egg the cheatie on, especially when they themselves have been cheated on before. Tons of advice(solicited or not) will be strewn around for free, and the guy and said slut would be crucified and shredded. It will literally never end till the cheatie completely moves on.


Now I’m not saying cheating is fine and should be forgiven. Let me make it clear that I do not condone it.

But what I don’t understand is why women love to support a story they only know angry/hurt fragments of ONE SIDE of?

How often do you see a guy sharing HIS side of the story? Whether he’s the cheatie or the cheater?

I think guys have the shit end of this deal cos when they cheat, it’s fuckin Armageddon, no questions asked and he’s damned for the rest of eternity. And when they get cheated on, how many of them do come forth to properly tell and explain their pain the way girls do?

I’m sure guys feel the same pain, just that society doesn’t allow them to show it the way girls are free to.

And THIS, I really don’t get: Why is it accepted that when women cheat, it’s “oh she must have her reasons” and “The guy must be fucked up to her that’s why she couldn’t take it” and when men cheat, it’s always “he’s a horny bastard who couldn’t keep it in his pants”? Total sexism right there.

Cheating hurts people. Doesn’t matter the gender. Doesn’t matter the reason.

I suppose it’s human nature to feel sympathy for someone who shares her pain, and I don’t blame women for empathizing with a cheatie who conveys her pain well.

My point is, DRAW THE LINE.

What need or point is there to slam someone to the point of eternal damnation when you barely know either party in the relationship?

Were you there during all THEIR happy moments? Were you there when their relationship broke down? Were you there when the cheatie went all psycho on the cheater?

Even if you’re friends, there will always be things you never know. Things that go on between a couple that only the couple themselves know.

So ease up on the hating. Just cos you felt x level of pain when you got cheated on doesn’t mean you know THIS relationship well enough to be hating on the cheater as if he himself caused you x pain.

NOBODY IS PERFECT. EVEN IF YOU’VE BEEN CHEATED ON, YOU ARE NOT PERFECT. Just cos you aren’t the one who cheated doesn’t make you a saint.

To the girls and guys who’ve been cheated on, rant away. You’ve been done an injustice and you have every right to be angry and in pain. BUT. I hope you have the maturity and grace to know the boundaries of your ranting and your own imperfections and how the make or break of a relationship always takes 2.

And to those girls who love to air their dirty laundry for all to see, it’s the small-minded and myopic who agree blindly with you. It might make you feel good temporarily but imo, you chose to take this man as your husband/bf.

Have some respect; not necessarily for him, but for the choice you once made.

I’ve been on all ends of the people I’ve talked about in this post. I’ve been cheated on, I’ve never cheated but I have lied in past relationships, I’ve displayed my broken heart and my dirty laundry for all to see, and I’ve also been part of the small-minded blind lot who hate on cheaters when I knew nothing about them.

And now I know better. Even if my heart breaks, the broken pieces are too precious to be shared with the world. I’m either dumping my dirty laundry or sending it to the dry-cleaners where no one will see.

Emotional drama should always stay in fiction.

But that’s just me. Feel free to disagree. X

P/S: I’ve grown up right? The me 2 years ago would have scorned at this post lol.