Summer, my favourite season of the year. :)

“And so with the sunshine and the great burst of leaves growing on the trees, just as things grow in fast movies, I had the familiar conviction that life was beginning over again with the summer.”
–F. Scott Fitzgerald (The Great Gatsby)

Summer is my absolute fave part of the year.

As a child and teenager right up to uni, summer meant June hols: LONGEST HOLDAY OF THE YEAR!

Post-graduation till now, summer has always been the most carefree season for me. The heat alone makes people wear less clothes– loose tank tops, ripped faded shorts, sundresses, flip flops, bikinis, sandals… Hair’s always tied up in messy buns or loose ponytails. Fashion everywhere is at its brightest and most colourful and poppin and fun! Just an incredibly casual vibe all season, which suits me perfect cos I’m always so lazy to dress up and my fave dress code is “coffeeshop slack” lol.

More than that, summer to me has always been the season of free hearts. Autumn is melancholic, winter is cold and uptight, spring is just beginning to thaw and blossom, so summer is really the best part of the year! Warm, eager, racy, full of fun and promise, even an emo person like myself can’t stay sulky! It’s like, anything can really happen and all I needa do is to let my heart go and be as wild and free as I dare. I effin L.O.V.E. summer!

Can’t wait to go to the beaches and resorts and yachts and go wakeboarding and jet-skiing omg! Sand, crashin waves, seashells, flowers in my hair, salty sea sprays, long cold drinks, ice-cream sundaes, every summer is so full of the stuff that makes me so very happy. :) I’m Piscean and believe firmly that in an alternate universe, I’m a mermaid(laugh. whatever. How many of you think you’re a vampire/werewolf/superhero in your alternate universe? And don’t lie, thaaanks.) so I mad love all the water stuff.

And sigh the summer nights… Almost all the summers I remember, I was always madly in love or beginning to fall in love. Superduper romantic, all those summer date nights. I like eating food good at good restaurants, but the best dates are never those. The best ones are always the dressed down, spontaneous, endless time and energy kind, where nothing is planned and the question is never “What time is it already?” but “What are we gonna do next??”. Every moment is spent in anticipation of the next, like an adventure that never stops cos the summer nights just seem to melt into the summer days then back into the nights again.

The kinda heady rush and passion that gets people hooked on summer love simply cannot be found in any other season. This summer, I hope to… Well, I don’t wanna say for sure cos I refuse to limit myself when summer is full of endless possibilities. Update you all on my love life maybe end of summer hahaha! I just know something awesome is gonna happen(placebo effect la, all about perception!), only that I don’t know exactly what it is lol.

In the meantime, I dug out some past summer pics so nah!

 (From L-R: Jessica, crazybitchIforgothername, Michelle, Sonia, Holly, Kris, Sherine)

7 girls in bikinis(aren’t you glad you came to my blog? hahaha). WHO REMEMBERS THE S FACTOR??? Got SO much publicity from this it wasn’t funny. Mostly bad(lol) but I got 10 grand and my 2nd FHM cover in under 12 months so I’m definitely not complaining. This was summer 2009 *I think*.

FHM spread of all of us. Posting cos my hair is hot here lol.

Product advertising a bit(SHUT UP it’s my blog haha).

Got my curls since summer 2007 with Babyliss’ curling tong. I was doing my hair at some salon in Taka and saw them using it on this taitai behind me(her curls were super big and pretty and they were achieved super fast), so I insisted on buying it. My stylist told me it’s industrial strength and really hot and would burn me if I wasn’t careful. And I was like, “Bitch please. Nothing I can’t handle in my quest for perfect curls.” haha and they sold a new one to me for about $170 after tax. Mind you, this was 2007, no ceramic coating all to protect my hair. Till today, my Babyliss tong works as awesome as day 1(will tweet pic of it if you cynics don’t believe me). 6 mother years of using this everytime I style my own hair, and I decided to bring it in.

Babyliss PRO Ceramic Curling Tong (improved version with protective ceramic coating) is now available at KandyKayne for only $150 inclusive of delivery. Comes in 3 different sizes(mine is 32mm or Medium) and 25 heat settings(I use the hottest cos I’m impatient but I’d advise you girls to test them out first to see which suits your hair type). Tried and tested by myself since 6 summers ago. Super easy to use(just make sure you know how much heat you’re dealing with, this baby is a heavyweight, not the cheapo kind that don’t get hot enough to curl), especially with the clip that holds your hair to the tong so you get one hand free when you’re pro/familiar enough. Get sexy tousled summertime curls anytime without going to the salon! Only at KandyKayne!

K done, back to more pics.

This was summer 2011. Le babyboy and I were in Bangkok(yes his top says Miami and mine has some French gibberish but wtv, Bangkok ok?) for a shoot for KandyKayne and another for his upcoming blogstore. We went to some exotic villa a little off Bangkok(had to take an epic long cab ride and then a ferry to get there) for the shoot, but these were taken on one of our OFF days(LOL IKR, as long as Yutaki is taking the pics, off day also look like SIBEH ON one lolol). The Bangkok summer weather was insane so I wore my hair up on days we weren’t shooting and Yutaki kinda like never wore sleeves lol. Pics shot and shopped by him(all I did was steal them haha #notshy), see more of him and his EPIC pictorial post on SummerLove here. I see already wanna shut down my blog and go become fangirl. SO. HOT. wtf. ALIEN.

And as for THIS summer, here’s a bit of what I’ve been up to.

Rode a pink pony in style lol. It’s the 25th Birthday Celebration My Little Pony plush if you were asking on Instagram(follow me! Handle is same as twitter @yankaykay).

Got the cutest set of kitty nails EVER! Everything(except crystals duh) made from scratch wtf. Kitty in heart corset on my left hand, and kitty in catwoman suit on my right, with a lavender heart dangle charm on my right pinkie! Today is the 19th day since I got them and everything including the dangle charm is perfectly intact! The girl behind all this kitty magic madness is Junying, she flew to Hong Kong to be trained specially by the Sanrio-appointed nail master from Japan who taught her how to craft these kitties and a million other hello kitty 3D figurines from frickin acrylic powder. I watched Junying do it straight on my nail, and during the whole time, my head could only process 3 words. WHAT. THE. FUCK. See more of her work here and/or text her at 90261583 to make an appt. She works from home in Toa Payoh. Super sweet and friendly girl who already has tons of loyal customers so book your appt in advance! :)

The smallest yet most permanent thing I got this summer. A baby heart tatt on my wrist. To remind me, the girl who’s forever wearing her heart on her sleeve, to chill the eff out and guard my real heart a little more now that I have a little one here. :)

Camwhoring shots from Yutaki’s birthday suite at The Sultan. Major heart flowers in/on my hair.

BESTEST lash extensions in the history of last extensions. I hate heavy chunky clumpy thicklike3hotcakes lashes. So mega happy with these! Light and soft like feathers, I don’t feel them ever except when I really forget and try to rub my eyes lol. Went back to my original lash sponsor Vain Beauty(who also did my hair, future post!) cos they really are tops at lash extensions #truestory. Only $50 for these and they have a loyalty card with which your 6th set of lashes with them is FREE! Call 97115290 for appt. They’re at Far East Plaza #03-140 n #03-113! (Ask for the long+short kind if u want mine.)

What I hope is my most expensive purchase this summer. The Celine Phantom I was day and night dreaming of for weeks! In praline and slouchy calf leather, so great for all my cute floral summer outfits! Dress in pic from H & M Seoul, bought in summer 2011, for those who asked on Instagram. It’s got a deep V open back and great structure, I love it max!

Adding on to my unhealthy hellokitty stash and armswag collection. MASSIVE cuteness overload, thanks to the as gorgeous as she is nonchalant and deadpan(and therefore the most unlikely hellokitty fan lol) Sophie Willocq, who told me where to get them. I’ve got all that I want but it’s still her lobang, so you all go and bug her on twitter/formspring to ask where ok?

Most recent armswag purchase for this summer! Rainbow rhinestone arm kandy with a golden leaf charm extension! Tonnes sparklier and shinier irl! Satisfying both my rainbow and sparkle obsessions in one tiny golden string. Maj heartage.

Finally done with this post. Looking forward to the rest of the best season of the year.

Summer 2012, I hope time stays still and you never ever end. X

7 thoughts on “Summer, my favourite season of the year. :)

  1. hi! summer bikini babes is me jack here nic to meet you too i am single 31 yrs old pls contact me at 84466977 and every sunday earlier in the morning and i always like go to the sentosa siloso beach swimming, play beach volleyball, suntanning with my friend guy ok and go with them ok

  2. Love this post! You remembered me of all the summers I love and cherish. I met my husband in summer and we really have had a lot of those walking all summer night dates! Till fell down sleep like dead :) That was wonderful! And all the other wonderful things that used to happen with me in summer. Hope this year brings smth great and magical to all our lives!

    I like the rainbow rhinestones like mad! Jelly :)

    So, again wish you the best summer ever this year!

  3. hi Kay kay,
    Nice hellokitty finger nails :) remind me my little girl like to paste her little hellokitty stickers over her fingers and proudly wing at me “see, my nails” haha.i think all women draw to the cuteness :)
    Kay kay, like to ask you this. i have been patiently hoping you can do a post on your makeup, skincare secrets/routine? wonder if you can share with us what is your secret stash? thanks so much!! seriously looking forward, you look so flaw, your sharing can’t be wrong hehe

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