I Heart Bali. X

Pictorial post cos I know all of you are just here to see the bikini pics.

The lovely people at KLM sent us on this blue beauty to BALI!

Super sweet girls I met on this unforgettable trip. The Gushcloud girls are hot but don’t take my word for it, continue scrolling. :)

Outrageous Eric and I at the boarding gate!



Duffy and I heart KLM!

SUCH A STRETCH to lean towards each other for this pic ahahaha. Biz class is LOVE!

Me texting the boy just before take-off. :)


Pretty pebbled welcome sign at our hotel…

With a personalized message from the owner himself! <3

Us at the hotel lobby with the owner! Handsome and super sweet and patient! He accompanied us a lot during the trip, awesome host! :D

1st meal in Bali! After which we went for light drinks at The Engine Room and headed back cos Day 2 starts super early!

Back in our(Freda’s and my) hotel room, unwinding to this version of this song that the boy sent me. It’s from the Shrek soundtrack! Go listen!

Up bright and early on Day 2!

After a 2-hour bumpy ride, we finally reach the ELEPHANT SAFARI!!!

(Is it just me or do ALL welcome drinks ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD taste like crappy syrup?)

Buffet lunch before our elephant rides!

Super niap otter…

Lemme touch his hand!

Very smart monkey…

Also lemme touch his hand!

This made all the girls scream I think.

But I’m a brave girl so I also touch.


Ok maybe except this one. Super creepy and they were as long as I am tall!

Albino python but cannot touch cos in enclosure. Sian.

I damn don’t like this woman. The baby orang utan so mad cute and all the girls were squealing away and this grumpy face kept asking us to pay her 100, 000 rp(13.33sgd) to take pics with the orang utan, or to even touch it wtf. I don’t care, still touch! Grumpy, grumpy lor!!!

Don’t be like other people and pretend you don’t know what I’m doing. Kindergarten never teach you meh??? ELEPHANT POSE!!!

Me on the super high ride atop the elephant ALONE! There were 11 of us and I went on first so the guy told me to sit alone!

On top of Febby(pronounced “fee-bee”, I left see right see also don’t see how the double B can result in the name being pronounced the way the guide told me, but he spelt it out like that so lan lan lor.

The shot the guide took for me that resulted in me paying him a 100,000rp tip(after much hinting from him). I think the rest of the bloggers weren’t too happy I spoil market hahaha.

Super LOVE this shot! Look cho happy one!

And ALL these too! Mad love elephants. From baby to adult, same level of cute!

Shots of Eric and I camwhoring just before we left the elephant safari. Niap hugs!

Then we went to some lao kok kok beach. Super ghetto and look like east coast beach in sg lolol. Was kinda sad and disappointed…

Till Tammy treated all of us to the most oishii corn on the cob in the world. Super buttery and spicy and omfg noms!

When we were done with our corns, we decided that beach really too damn ghetto so we left for Jimbaran!

Holding the sun in between my fingertips!

Tammy and I!

Ahahahahahah wtf Eric cho love me, half-squat so low to take pic wimme! <3

Cheerleading FAIL.

“Retire already la!!!”

Swear I have no idea how this pic came about. We weren’t posing or acting anything out wtf.

Freda put tiger mimi on me!

Price tag still on lol.

Pretty shot of Tammy and Freda!

The sunset was so pretty so the girls wanted to do tumblr-type shots.
Tammy and I trying…

And trying…

And trying…


To make a HEART. X

Sibeh act chio shot so Imma caption this “GROSS BUNION.”

After all the jump shots, we had a super romantic seafood dinner by the sea at Jimbaran and went back to do work(bloggers’ life not so easy okay?) and sleepytime!


Us at the entrance of Potato Head Beach Club! It’s super chill, similar to Tanjong Beach Club at Sentosa!

Bikini from H&M. I think like at least 10 people asked.


TOTALLY HOW ALL OF US WERE LIKE 50% OF THE TIME. Checking phone/cam, editing pics, adding filters, posting on Twitter/Instagram. I was saying, “Even if I forgot what EVERYONE was wearing, I’d recognize the bloggers a mile away cos all on their phones and giant cameras! lol”

My ULTI-FAVE shot of Day 3!

Ok now for the rest of the bikini pics. I’m not even gonna bother with captions cos I know you all won’t be fucked to read them.

Carmen and I like a romantic only!

Ok the end. Don’t be sad. Still got other pics lol.

Us at the lobby before heading out to hit the clubs! #iamaquitter, how about you?

I eat 2 Pop-Mie everyday and grew a belly. :(

Bali is really fulla over-friendly/high people photo-bombing us.


Eric, me, Reiee(her voice damn 7 sexy and hot wtf) and Tricia the cutie-pie with a chilli-padi side haha.

Tricia(I found out things about you this trip I’d NEVER have known otherwise AHAHAH), Tammy(super girly and loves to stone. Eric nicknamed her “dua neh bu”, I concur.), Sophia(so sweet and skinny I don’t like to take pic beside you!) and Jeneen(she’s my age wtf super chio and sweet. JL if you’re reading this, you don’t know how lucky you are!) And where is Donna??? Almost forgot about her haha, she’s like a super slightly tinier version of Tammy, only maybe she stones a bit less ahahaa.

Just before check-out!

At the airport where we were given these awesome priority tags cos we flew KLM!

Check out the super cool KLM mobile app!

My “love story” theme and the title of my holiday album! Damn easy to use, I did it all with my iPhone in a matter of minutes! Got slideshow and all, really perfect for showing off to your friends your holiday pics!

Can load pics and vids to keep those wonderful memories close and dear. X

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