Of Choices. Yours And Mine.


Haven’t seen you guys in a while. What have you been up to???

As for me, I’ve been awesome.

Went to Bangkok over the weekend!

Le tired moi at what’s probably my last trip from/to the Budget Terminal! 25th Sept closed right?

And then we land in BANGKOK! Hotel Muse, where we’re staying, is relatively new(just turned a year old!), so most cabbies don’t know it. Just tell them Langsuan, which they’re all familiar with. Muse will be easy to locate then!

Dark decadent lobby of Hotel Muse!

Our welcome drinks that were actually decent. The 2 on the left are alcoholic, gin something, and the 2nd one tasted like mojito. Purple is grape and the pale one is lychee!

The side of the hotel, viewed from within the lobby. It’s a cascading water feature. Damn lush!

Couch in our room which I jumped on like twice and was henceforth never used. Bed TOO kimochi already!

Victorian charm.

BEST SINK EVER. Everytime I brushed my teeth, I’d stone into the intricate florals. Too damn pretty.

Hotel Muse’s signature M carved on the bathroom floor and embroidered on the sheets and bathrobes.

FIRST clawfoot bathtub I’ve ever been in! Made me feel like a true princess!


Kena dragged outta the kimochi bed for breakfast early the next day.

Went to the super famous 4face Buddha to give thanks cos a wish I made for him came true! We set these 10 little birdies free, which caused a bit of an animal rights debate on my instagram zzz.



I love rainbow any and everything. Bath salts that I’m pretty sure don’t work as good as they look haha.

Possibly my fave thing to eat in Bangkok! Ter Kah Png. Please feel free to correct my spelling, I don’t care cos I got to eat this twice!!!

A lazier but imho better version of mango salad! Tastes like melty brown sugar and spicy shrimp and subtle hint of coconut with juicy sweet mango wtf. This pic makes me wanna cry.

His fave thing at JJ market. Am normally very fussy about ice-cream, this was surprisingly damn awesome.

Frivolous camho shots to reinforce a more serious and important point.









Looking at these pics, I can’t help but to think of the countless times people, especially girls, have asked me about how I manage to maintain my youth/looks over the years.

If you follow my tweets, you’d know about how the other day, the boy’s colleague bumped into us during lunch and texted him later,

“The girl you were with today looks a bit young, did you check her IC?”

I am 2 years older than them. That colleague is now my favourite person in the world even though we’ve never met. :D

Those of you who don’t know, I’m A LOT older than you think I am.

There’s only so much Botox and skincare can do, awesome as those my sponsors provide me with are.

I love my parents for my superior genes(my opinion, you no need to agree, thanks lol) but really, they can’t pause time.

Let’s just put it as I’m an 80′s kid, as in I spent my childhood in the 80′s. When I say I love My Little Pony, it’s cos I really grew up watching the original cartoon.

Apart from The Secret harping on the law of attraction and telling us to have a youthful outlook on life in general, which definitely helps, I firmly believe the reason why I appear so much younger than my peers and not grossly out of place among the 90′s kids, is cos…

I don’t smoke.

Don’t call me preachy. Think about it.

Other than hardcore crazyass drugs, what LEGAL substance can you think of that ages a person?

Yellowed teeth, dark purple/black gums, DRY SAGGY skin, resultant wrinkles. Which young babyface has these?

Lemme tell you guys about one of my MAJOR secrets. When I was around 25, 26, I drank Meiji Collagen(powder form, tastes like fish saliva but works like magic) EVERY MOTHER NIGHT before bedtime. Super troublesome to mix the powder in a juice/yoghurt every night but really, until now I haven’t found anything that works better. (NOT an ad for Meiji, but again, if anyone from Meiji wants to sponsor/endorse, I CONFIRM ok!!! lol)

Collagen is like the magic glue that holds your skin together, tight, smooth and bouncy like a baby’s bottom. Cross my heart, I believe with enough collagen, I can reverse aging lol.

When you smoke, it ACCELERATES collagen BREAKDOWN. Read this article if you don’t believe me.

If you don’t take foods/supplements high in collagen, already jialat. If you smoke on top of that, dude you’re on the highway to the kingdom of OLD.

I know when I tell you all SMOKING KILLS, you won’t bother cos you’d probably think “everyone dies one day anyway”. True, that.

But now I’m telling you, smoking makes you old and fugs.

I wanna be FOREVER YOUNG. Or at least look it. Who doesn’t?

Before you spend more hard-earned money on youth elixers, LISTEN TO ME. Quit, and/or encourage the ones you hang around with to.

Smoking is like you DELIBERATELY CHOOSE TO LOOK OLDER. You mad, bro?

If you’re anywhere near as vain as I am, flip those 2 fingers holding that AGING cigarette to the IQuit twist and bring your premature aging to a screeching halt.

Alternatively, you can always continue and look like a wrinkled prune. With stained teeth and tragic breath.

Like I said, smoking or quitting, it’s a choice. I made mine. What’s yours?

9 thoughts on “Of Choices. Yours And Mine.

  1. I have heard that collagen is good and now you’ve confirmed it I feel more assured!! Btw do you have any tips on how to have slim legs? Your bikini pics damn sexy weiii.. Wish you can blog more :x

  2. Hi KK,

    Is there a standard way to pray to the 4 faced buddha? And if your wish comes true, do you have to go back every year to offer thanks?

    Cindy xx

  3. Hi Kay Kay. I have been reading your blog entries for the past many months & I love your entries. Here I am, almost 1 month after you posted the secret of the Meiji Collagen. Thanks to you, I’ve gotten myself in fact 2 cans of the Collagen cause Watson’s was having a promotion and it’s been more than 3 weeks now that I’ve tried on the product and I am indeed seeing results! The can states that we will be able to see the difference as early as 3 weeks and it’s really true! Thank you, thank you & thank you. It really does smells like fish saliva though! It goes really well with fruit juice! Thank you again for sharing such a wonderful secret. This product is on the shelf for months & years and I’ve never bothered to take a look at it until you blogged about it! Have a good day. :)

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