Win A Prada Bag From Reebonz!

I know, I know. Back on my blog SO soon, no time for you all to miss me right???

BUT this is an urgent awesome deal so just bear with me a bit more…

Cos one of YOU could be walking away with THIS PRADA BAG!!!

Content ends 21st September, which is THIS FREAKIN FRIDAY, so please don’t waste time!


1. Go to Reebonz SPACE at 24 Raffles Place #07-07 Clifford Centre, Singapore 048621(Opening hours: Monday-Friday 12-8pm)

2. Snap a pic with your fave bag (ANY bag you like, doesn’t hafta be the Prada!) at Reebonz SPACE.

3. Post the pic on your Instagram with the hashtags #reebonzsg #snagabag

It’s super simple, ANYONE can do it. Psst, when I last checked, @ReebonzSg’s new Instagram account has only 500+ followers and not many people have entered this contest. And the Prada HAS to be won. Very possibly by YOU!

What’s more, EVEN IF you don’t end up being the winner of this gorgeous black Prada, EVERYONE who joins this contest will be given a S$100 @ReebonzSg voucher ON THE SPOT at Reebonz SPACE wtf! FREE monies! Win-win for everyone. :D

This contest is SUPER short(17th-21st September only) so I really think YOUR chances of winning the bag will be damn awesome. PLEASE HURRY and post your Instagram pics!

Make your posts creative, pretty, classy, whatever you desire! Go search #reebonzsg and #snagabag on Instagram to check out the competition(very few posts as of now, you all confirm can do better, I SWEAR!!!)! I hope one of MY readers/followers wins the Prada, I’ll wish hard for you girls!

And remember the hashtags please, if not Reebonz won’t be able to track your entries!


Since I’m on my Reebonz high, I’ll show you dolls my fabulous electric blue Givenchy Pandora Mini I bought from Reebonz a few weeks back! They still have the Pandora Mini, think the purple one is still in stock, it’s ABSOLUTELY GORG. A tiny bit sad I didn’t see it before I bought the blue one!

Purchased with my own money way before Reebonz approached me to share the Instagram contest details. I camped by the Reebonz website like a good girl and snagged this baby for S$1095, YAY me!

The service was impeccable, fuss-free and so professional! There was some problem with my own credit card and the transaction didn’t go through, I was pretty stressed that the bag would be sold out! But Reebonz still reserved the bag for me and the staff called me on my phone to politely inform me and helped me with the process. Super sweet and patient one! This was when they didn’t even know who I was; to them I was just any other customer. I was super impressed with the service so I hyped for them outta my own accord and spammed my Twitter timeline raving about Reebonz hahaha.

My Givenchy Pandora Mini used to death!!! The calfskin leather still smells so heavenly. I heart it SO much!

In case you girls don’t know yet, Reebonz has a mobile app! Apart from work, I hardly spend time on my laptop, so I major love the app! It’s fast yet detailed and you can zoom in on the pics and read full product descriptions. Crazy awesome!!! I always go into this app and dream about my next bag lol. Best is that the app works in REAL-TIME so you can view what’s available and know what’s already sold out. Maximum loves!

The Reebonz mobile app is FREE. Here’s the link but you can just go into App Store and search “Reebonz”.

You darlings will love Reebonz as much as I do, I just know it. NOW hurry and go join the contest! Every girl needs a Prada something. X

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