Steam Sia!

So a bunch of us, D, Kiki, Lala, Wayne, JC, Evelyn, Suzanne and myself, went to Steam Sia for dinner last week. We heard it’s a cool new hangout place so decided to try it out after seeing its reviews on HungryGoWhere

And OMG it was so fun!!! We went there to try the food but wtf Steam Sia brought us back to our precious childhood days. I CANNOT NOT blog about this! :D Just scroll and look at the pics!

The front of the quaint little joint!

Right at the front of the restaurant, I was greeted by this sight. PRIMARY SCHOOL DAYS OR WHAT???

*SQUEAL* Penguin on roller coaster! Ahahahah it’s so retarded-looking but so kawaii!!!


Rubber, marbles, aeroplane chess, what is the black and red thing called?? I played when I was a kid but I forgot the name! It’s some kinda chess right?

Fishing OMGWTF. If you didn’t play this as a kid, you really no childhood sia.

Playtime snacks!!! Super old-skool!

My daddy loves the left one and I love the right one! Last time they used to sell these in a paper cone with plastic wrapping, remember or not???

Inflatable paper ball. I destroyed TOO many of these as a child lol.

This booth is right at the front of the restaurant. MUST. TAKE. PIC.

And another.

And another. Niap to the play booth, don’t wanna go eat hahaha.

We were seated right under this! I was SUPER good at hopscotch ok! Use 5stones to play and all, damn pro one hahaha.

Kiki and Lala arrived before the rest of us did so they ordered some calamari as starters. Crunchy and cho oishii! I eat one then go and play with the toys then come back to the table and eat another LOL.

Steam Sia uses these super traditional cutlery. I HOW LOVE! Like my grandparents’ era kind!

Daddy, Mummy, remember this??? We had the same one in a dirty olive green omg! In the very first house I grew up in! Mad nostalgic!

This one old-skool until I never see before as a child. LOL

I *think* my grandpa had one of these in his coffeeshop! So crazy how times have changed. The land line phones these days have redial, memory storage, backspace/delete, transfer-call functions. Last time where got??? Dial one number wrongly means must type out everything AGAIN already!

SUPERDUPER old cameras. I was taking these pics with my Samsung MV800 and thinking, omg last time people didn’t have flip-screens HOW CAN??? Hahahaha.

Another old typewriter. This is damn mad. Zero room for error! How they edit/reword their stuff sia?? If I had to use one of these, I’d just quit typing and go be a chef man lol.

Most of these vintage old-skool stuff is available for SALE, so just ask them if you wanna buy or if you wanna sell your vintage stuff there!

Casette tapes!!! Last time I had a casette tape player and my rewind button spoilt so I used my FINGER to rewind can WTF! I’d put my finger in the hole and spin the tape so it’s faster. MY DOG LIFE.

Mother of God. This is mother heavy. If I lived in those days and my husband asks me to iron his shirts, I will clobber him with this HAHAHA.

Food served! Baked potatoes stuffed with seafood!!!

TEMPURA Fish and Chips! Steam Sia has perfect fusion food man wtf. SO noms! (a little bird told me the chef is formerly from one of the top MBS restaurants *shhhh*)


I could only snap one shitty pic of this Nonya Chicken Curry cos EVERYONE was just whacking this. Super super SUPER good. MUST TRY!

Steam Sia’s Net Catch! Mussels, prawns and squid in a coconut and wine sauce. MADNESS. This was what I ordered btw. The rest I had to share. :(

If you eat only ONE thing there, it’s either the chicken curry or THIS. Tomyam Seafood Spaghetti!!! Extra large pic so you can see the goodness and all the tomyam creaminess in this heavenly dish omg. I hate myself for posting this right now.

The boys ordered this. Ribeye wild mushroom with redwine sauce. It’s LACED with BACON. I die.

I’m not a food blogger with a monster DSLR so please don’t judge the food by my pics lol. This is the wasabi mayo seafood wrap. Crap pic but fuckin awesome wrap. I think I prefer this to the calamari. Fries in the wasabi mayo dip is mind-blowing! Try this if you want something light and appetizing!

Noms until hands cho dirty so I went to wash them and look what I saw!!! Old-skool metal basin!!! Cute or not???

Mandatory blogger mirror camwhore shot lol.

Back at our table with the twins! Food coma max!

Then we go to the front of the restaurant to play!

A girly pic first. This is Lala btw, in case you can’t differentiate the twins.


Guess what we’re doing???

I don’t even know what this is called! Blowing plastic balloons(ok that’s a shit description but you know what I’m talking about la! Tiny tubes of gooey rubber in a box with mini straws!)!

First you put the gooey stuff on the end of the baby straw, wrap it nicely and securely…

Then you BLOW! Kiki also knows!

Lala made me a HEART one wtf she so genius!!!

I was fuckin slow cos I couldn’t open the tube fml. I forgot must tear from the bottom! It’s been FOREVER since I played with this!

Ok yay, got it out!

NOBODY looks glamourous doing this ok. Don’t judge thanks.

“Stop taking pics!!!”

My balloon getting cho big one!


“Ok I think can already.”

Do you all know this??? You pop the balloon open with your lips and you can blow it bigger again! Then seal with your lips!

“FUCK WHERE IS THE DAMN HOLE???” My balloon was deflating and I couldn’t find the hole! :(

“Fuck this. I don’t wanna play already”. You see Lala, laugh until so happy at my pichak balloon!

I go play something else! The snacks are FREE-FLOW(please don’t go Steam Sia and kop/tapao ALL their snacks hor, people still wanna do biz one lol). Can scoop in these plastic bowls and bring back to your table to eat while you play cards/chess!

Camwhore again with my fave childhood snack! Salty and a bit sweet, damn noms!

Devil look in my eyes cos I’m thinking of CRUSHING this hahahah. It’s like just begging to be CRUSHED! So niap for what!

And finally, JC and Wayne got coerced by D to pose for a pic. All the boys love the country erasers lol.

D demonstrating his country eraser skills HAHAHA.

“Okay lor, you pro lor.” LOL

And then I see this! (I had to Google for the spelling lol) CHAPTEK!!!

Wayne: You know what they called me in primary school?
Me: What? The Chatptek champion?
Wayne: Wah how you know my primary school nickname???
Me: ALL the boys tell me they’re the Chaptek champion leh. Lol.

Unfortch that I only got blurry shots of him playing. You wanna see his Chaptek skills, can ask him to show you in person. Hahaha

And then I turn around and see THIS.

The evil twins terrorizing the poor penguin with their chachat balloons!!!

The poor bugger. Struggling so hard to go up the stairs omg super funny.

And D was so hooked on this game lol. It’s got a cardboard backing and it’s just flimsy plastic but I also started to play this! Ahaha cheap childhood thrills.

ALL the toys and games are FREE for people who go to Steam Sia to play WTF. Even the plastic balloons!

We had a crazy awesome time at Steam Sia. Great good, great childhood games. ALL THE TOYS. It was so hard to leave! The people who work there must be so happy everyday. :)

Steam Sia is at 5 Hindoo Road¬†Singapore 209107. Can call for reservations, especially if you have a big group:¬†63966585. I wanna have a birthday party there! It’ll be how fun! “Kay Kay’s 5th Birthday Party” hahaha everyone will feel like a child again.

A pic of me at Steam Sia before I leave you guys. Always stay young at heart, no matter how old you are. X



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  1. Hi Kay Kay! You sound(and look) so happy blogging these pictures! Gosh, I can’t wait to go to try out this place soon! But just curious, what are the prices of the foods like? You didn’t mention anything about that.

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