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I don’t think anyone knows(or cares) but I have very dry skin. From time to time, it likes to get PMS-sy on me and become oily. -.- It’s always on either end of the spectrum, dry or oily, never DEWY. Dewy skin was always the unattainable dream.

I tried so many different moisturizers and moisture lotions and although some worked, the effects were mediocre at best. The creams were always too rich which resulted in oily skin, and the water-based ones, while comfortable, didn’t last very long at all.

If I didn’t apply foundation, I guess they were still passable. But once I tried putting my powder on, EXTREME dryness again. :/ And you girls with dry skin would know HOW sickening it is to put makeup on DRY skin. Everything starts flaking and cracking and it’s just a total nightmare. Gah.

So when Albion sent me their products, I was obviously a jaded sceptic. I haven’t heard of the Japanese brand(even though it’s been around for 57 years and is one of the very top skincare brands in Japan) prior to that, cos Albion only just made its debut in Singapore(Takashimaya Beauty Hall) a few short months ago. I thought, “Try lor. No harm. Japanese products can’t go that wrong…”

These are the products that I got to try.

The Albion Exage Pure Mild Face Wash and Moist Crystal Milk I, the Albion Skin Conditioner Essential Lotion and Paper Mask.

Since this is NOT an advertorial but just a review(plus it’s my blog haha), I shall talk only of my FAVE product here. If you followed my Instagram posts closely, you’d have already seen my raves about the Skin Conditioner Essential Lotion.

Ok granted, the face wash is very decent(mild and baby-ish, very comforting), and I use the Moist Crystal Milk I religiously to prep my skin before the CULT FAVE, and the mask is a weekly treat to enhance moisture levels(To be honest, I’m very lazy with masks lol. Bad girl.)

BUT BUT I MUST RAVE ABOUT the Skin Conditioner Essential Lotion(henceforth typed as Ski-Con in this entry). Like I said, I was a hardened cynic when it comes to skincare stuff. When I received the Albion products, I actually left them in the package for a coupla days before I tried them cos I couldn’t really be bothered hahaha(don’t be mad please, Albion!).

The Ski-Con is essentially a toner. It’s formulated with the original ingredient “concentrated Coix lacryma-jobi (Job’s tears) extract”, which is grown in the cold region at northern Hokkaido, as well as horse chestnut extract and witch hazel extract. It boosts cell metabolism, and has whitening, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory(great for zits) properties. And needless to say, it’s Albion’s star iconic product. You’re supposed to use it before your moisturizer(but I find that on most days my skin is moisturized enough with it alone, though I sometimes slap on moisturizer after for extra dewiness).

After I tried them out, this was the EXACT email(blanked out addressee’s name for privacy) I sent that night:

“Hi *,

Omg late email but wtf the skin conditioner is damn good! I put it on for the first time abt 15 mins ago and my skin feels awesome! I have very dry skin so this is wonderful! Thank you so much for sending the products to me! I’ll be honoured to do a blog post for Albion. Let me know if you’re keen and also, if you have other awesome products from the brand, I’d be happy to try them out for review. Thanks once again! Happy! Haha

Kay Kay”

I’m normally very professional and reserved in email conversations with sponsors/clients and I refrain from exclamation marks, so yeah my enthusiasm was pretty annoying. There’s like what, ONE fullstop in that email? LOL

Enough of me talking, we all know I’m good with words so let’s see some pics for proof! The pics below, swear to God and all beings divine, have not been edited or filtered in any way, heck I didn’t even crop them. :D


Just plump luscious DEWY skin.

Super comforting and cooling, like a gentle sea breeze, with a soft baby floral scent that’s mild yet reminiscent of an era once loved but forgotten, I can’t live without my Ski-Con now.

Remember what I said earlier about the nightmare of putting on makeup when your skin is dry? After I use the Ski-Con, my concealer GLIDES on, even a tiny bit is too much! And my powders go on SO smooth! See for yourselves…

Again, zero edit or filter. Just me and my new love, the Ski-Con.

From what I know, Albion only has one outlet in Singapore, in the Takashimaya Beauty Hall. Get yours there. :)

Gotta love when people send me awesome stuff to try, cos I love telling people about all these amazing products. If you’ve got something great you wanna share too, email me at X

4 thoughts on “Review– Albion Skincare

  1. i’ve tried this and its really really good.. since i have sensitive skin and i dont really believe in skin care products as most i used causes itchiness but this doesn’t! really worth buying!

  2. Thanks so much for letting us know! I’ve been wanting to try Albion pdts long ago but we can’t find it in sg back then. Got to know this brand from some Taiwan forum and this is one of their fav product too! Really thanks for sharing! I’m heading down to taka soon lol..

  3. Hi Kaykay,
    UR skin look awesome! Love the dewy look.. Wld love to get a bottle too just to try out, like u said: Japanese product won’t go wrong.

    Thanks for sharing!!


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