A little Thank You post for PC Dreams. :)

Disclaimer: This isn’t a paid ad or a sponsored post. Just wanna share this great Mac repair place I found that does trade-ins and takes in old gadgets for cash as well.

So I had this crap MacBook Pro 13″ that was dropped and severely dented. I desperately wanted to get a new one but refused to pay for a brand new one cos my MBP was working perfectly fine, just dented and very heavy.

I went online to search for 2nd hand ones and went to neighbourhood computer shops to find one. The one I wanted was the MacBook Air 11″. All the online ones I found didn’t have warranty anymore and the sellers couldn’t really be bothered with me when I asked questions about specs or more details. The neighbourhood ones I went to were worse! Went to one in AMK central and he wanted to charge me $1000 for a 2nd hand MBA and take in my MBP at like $200 or $300. Meaning I need to top up at least $700 in cash. Might as well buy a new one from Apple! >.<

So my last resort was to go to Sim Lim to check out the shops there. I say last resort cos I really hate Sim Lim. I always tweeted about how the men there never see girls before, super ham sup! Even if you are lucky and get the less ham sup ones, they are always so sharky. Agree to wtv price you quote, make you sit down and talk cock with you for half an hour, then bring out the item and tell you it doesn’t come with battery/charger/lens or the specs are halved or half the set is gone, for the price you quoted. ZZZZZZZZZ.

Anywayyy, I went to Sim Lim and randomly walked into PC Dreams. It was the first shop I went to. Shawn attended to me and was SUPER professional and nice. He opened my MBP and checked, then proceeded to gimme a whole list of options(he wrote them down on a piece of paper for me). Like if I wanna change to a better/newer MBP 13″, or if I wanna change to an exact same model but in tip top condition, or if I wanna downgrade to a MBA 13″/11″, and even just to change the housing of my langga MBP, how much I’d have to pay for each option. He explained everything in detail and asked if I had any questions.

During this entire time, I told him I only wanted a MBA 11″ cos my concern is mostly the weight and size. I carry it around a lot and mostly just reply emails and surf, so idc much about specs. They did NOT have a MBA 11″ in the store at that time, meaning he couldn’t close any sale with me that day. Yet he patiently listened to what I wanted and explained everything I asked, very politely and professionally, never once pressuring me to buy anything or to consider an option I didn’t want.

I left the store thinking, WHY IS THIS SHOP EVEN IN SIM LIM? Lol.

Being Singaporean, since that was the 1st shop I went to, I wanted to try my luck and see if I could get a better deal at another shop. So I walked around and found another one. They also didn’t have a MBA 11″. They took my MBP and took it apart and looked at it, told me that they can gimme a VERY good deal for a new housing, and I kept telling them, “No I don’t wanna change the housing, I don’t want a new MBP, I only want the 11″ MBA, idc if this MBP looks brand new!” They didn’t care at all! Made me sit down and didn’t wanna fix it back for me! I said I didn’t have the time to change the housing anyway, cos I need a laptop at ALL times, I can’t afford to leave my one and only laptop there. And they said, “Ok we do for you in 1 hour!” and kept lowering the price for the new housing, that I repeatedly said I didn’t want! SO frustrating! It was so hard to leave omg, was totally sweating when I walked outta that shop. Gah.

After that harrowing incident, obviously I left stupid Sim Lim, with my langga MBP.

About a week later, I got a text from Shawn from PC Dreams(I left my number with him and asked him to update me if he had any MBAs) saying he had a MBA 11″ coming in. I asked for the specs and he gave them to me. By then, I was already very desperate, and I’m pretty sure he knew. Yet, he told me, “This is the first generation MBA, will be slower compared to your current MBP. Think you should wait for a better one.” ??? Which salesman does that??? I LOVE HIM.

A few days after that, he texted me saying they took in a MBA 11″ and it’s “the one” lol. So yeah, I went down and traded in my MBP and paid $300 for this baby!

Super light and pwetty!

(Side note: I bought the pink keyboard cover from one of the shops on the 2rd or 3rd floor at Sim Lim, the printed words don’t tally with my keyboard! Damn shitty quality, when I look at my keyboard to type, it’s like some psychedelic 3D effect that gives me a headache fml. If you buy accessories from Sim Lim or anywhere else, please bring your laptop/computer there to see if it actually fits.)

Also got a clear frosted casing for it. To protect it against future langga accidents *touch wood*. Not fantastic quality also (why does everything at Sim Lim suck???).

But my MBA is PERFECT. Condition is 99% mint. SO super pleased with it! And did I already say it’s insanely light? <3

I’ve been using it since and there’ve been zero problems! Using it to type this post btw. :)

And if anything goes wrong with it, I can always bring it back to PC Dreams to fix. They can change the housing and wtv parts you need to replace. Not sure if you guys remember but I tweeted about this home-based dude who charged me around $180 to replace my hard disk for my MBP. I thought that was already cheap, but Shawn said they can do it for about $140! So if you have any repairing that needs to be done, can bring it to them too. I personally guarantee they are not sharky/pushy/ham sup LOL.

They also take in your old comps and laptops for cash or trade-ins(if you wanna upgrade). :)

PC Dreams is at #03-13 Sim Lim Square. Their number is 63373500. Can text them at 96649555 too. They are on IG as @thelaptopexchange, which is under the PC Dreams umbrella.

THANK YOU, PC DREAMS. This post is my little way of saying KUDOS for being a LEGIT shop with awesome service in spite of being in a shitty environment like Sim Lim. Thanks for being NOTHING like your neighbours haha.

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