Advertorial– Ginza Calla

I gotta admit. I love my hair. I love it on my head, my lashes and my brows.


C’mon, who likes unwanted, unsightly, UGLY hair anywhere else right??? And getting rid of all this hair is sooooo tedious, troublesome, and most times, painful.

I want baby smooth skin all the time and in my quest to achieve that, I’ve tried literally EVERY hair-removing/reducing method there is available. Shaving. Waxing. Depilating. Most of these methods leave my skin raw and painful, or have crappy coarse regrowth, and at best, I just wanna get it over and done with ASAP! Also, MANY people have told me waxing stretches your skin in the long term!!! I personally don’t know how far this is true but it does make sense right? All the pulling and yanking of your skin can’t be good if you do it so often!

I’ve been really fortunate to be invited to all sorts of trials and try out very new techniques/advancements first hand. So today, I’m gonna be introducing a hair-removing salon that actually cares for your skin! It’s called Ginza Calla and I went to the new outlet at Plaza Singapura last week!

#04-55 at the new wing of Plaza Sing!

Entering the first Ginza Calla in Singapore!

Swanky reception!

And me about to start my consultation and treatment!

In case you didn’t already know, Ginza Calla is HUGE in Japan. Over the past 21 years, Ginza Calla has served over 300,000 women in over 30 stores across Japan, 3 in Shanghai and 2 in Hong Kong(I LOVE stats hahaha!)! That’s an incredible number of women who’ve benefited from the benefits of Ginza Calla’s hair removal techniques!

WHY do SO many women choose Ginza Calla over all the multitude of hair-removing techniques available??? (Especially when there’re too-good-to-be-true deals on coupon sites? If you were considering those, just do a quick search on Google on the name of the salon. SO many complaints! Hardselling, charging many more times the original amount for “extra” shots, charging for even the gel used for IPL, slotting you in at awkward timings at far-out and less popular outlets, or not being able to slot you in at all! You’ll see why I didn’t bother with those.)

At Ginza Calla, on top of being hair removal specialists, they pride themselves in TAKING CARE OF YOUR SKIN before and after the IPL session. They believe there is nothing more important than to deeply moisturize, hydrate and nourish your skin during the IPL process.

So at Ginza Calla, they use their very own researched and developed “美肌潤美BIHADA-JUNBI”, a gorgeously luscious moisturizing lotion that will make your skin beautiful and supple. The super cool thing is that this lotion is used in what Ginza Calla terms the “美肌潤美BIHADA-JUNBI” Moisture Enriched Mist-Shower, which is a high-pressure jet spray that feels very cooling and soothing, before the IPL process to prep the skin and also after to nourish your skin even more! The result is luscious baby smooth and soft skin!

Before I got started on the IPL treatments, I went through a short consultation on which areas I want the IPL treatment on, and the standard questions on whether I’m not well, am on medication, or have allergies etc. That’s when the specialist told me this shocking fact: Most of you might not know this(I didn’t either!), but IPL really dries out your skin! Think about it. If the lasers are strong enough to KILL(or damage) the hair follicles underneath, what’s it doing to your skin ABOVE it? Having said that, IPL isn’t dangerous or harmful for your skin, just drying!

I haven’t done IPL a lot but my skin IS very dry to begin with! Can’t wait to try out the treatment and see the effects of the Bihada-Junbi lotion before and after my treatment; hope it’ll help! I opted for lower arm and lower leg as well as bikini line IPL!

My very no-frills clean and tidy room!

Ginza Calla’s very special IPL machine emits FIVE pulses per shot, instead of the standard 3!!! So less shots are necessary. Ginza Calla does NOT charge by number of shots(I personally think that’s cheating money cos who determines how many shots you need?). But what this means is a FASTER and LESSER SENSATION procedure for you!

Ginza Calla’s propriety high-pressure jet spray machine! This is the famed machine that delivers the Bihada-Junbi lotion to the deeper layers of your skin, ensuring deep moisturization and leaving your skin dewy and supple after you’re done!

Changed into my pink robe for the treatments to begin!

Using the Jet Spray to get the Bihada-Junbi DEEP in my skin!

 How Bihada-Junbi works:


Apart from conventional Hyaluronic Acid and Collagen, dermatologists recommend these 4 active ingredients for
optimal skincare that is known for superb moisture lock abilities.

Hyaluronic Acid Retains moisture and provides intense hydration
Collagen Intense hydration and builds beautiful skin that radiates
APPS (a highly soluble vitamin C derivative) Builds beautiful skin, ensures deep hydration and aids in aging care
Ceramide Locks in moisture in your skin
7 Types of Natural Herbs Gentle on skin & will not irritate sensitive skin
Natural Job’s Tears Extract Hydrates for radiance and helps build beautiful skin


Next, gel is applied very generously on the area to be treated.

And the pulsing begins! For lower legs and lower arms, I felt really next to nothing. For the bikini area, there was a warm sensation at some parts but it’s much less painful than traditional IPL imo. I think it’s because the Bihada-Junbi lotion has plumped my skin up with moisture, totally wonderful!

 More pulsing… So comfy I’m gettin’ sleepyyy.

 And then, the specialist wiped off the gel and finished my treatment with one more thorough round of Bihada-Junbi jet spray and I’M DONE!!! Super fast and pain-free!

Ginza Calla also gave me a bottle of precious Bihada-Junbi lotion to take home for my own use!!! So loved!

Okay, so this is the part where you pay attention… Ginza Calla is offering some seriously awesome deals for their opening promo!

UNLIMITED Sessions Underarm OR V-line – $40  (Usual price $675)


3 Sessions Lower Arm + Lower Legs – $40 (Usual price $800)

BOTH VALID FOR A VERY LIMITED TIME ONLY. EXPIRES 31 July 2014! So please hurry and don’t miss this!

Quote “Yan Kay Kay”  cos the first 50 readers who quote and sign up for any package* will get a free bottle of Bihada-Junbi! *Opening promo not included

Also, those you love to go for such beauty treatments with a friend, do take note of their B.F.F Campaign. If your friend gets a plan over $500, you will immediately get a $150 in-house credit voucher + you and your friend will each receive 6 sessions of a small part treatment (worth $150) for FREE!

More info can be found here:

Follow Ginza Calla Singapore Facebook page for more timely updates on promotions and flash deals!




Tel: +65-6238-8850


Opening Hours: 11:00 ~ 21:00

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