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Everyone says SAVE THE TREES. Like, how many times have you heard it in this lifetime right?

But how many of us really practise it? Or rather, what do we do to actually save the trees? And even if we consciously make an effort to say, use less tissue paper, do our OTHER actions contradict or undermine our original efforts?

I’ve watched tons of documentaries on global warming when I was younger and they really scared and shocked me into making a conscious effort to save the environment.

Watch this:

Deforestation happens because of these factors:

  • Need to increase land for settlements and urbanization.
  • Timber, for industrial use and as fuel.
  • Large-scale conversion into agricultural grounds, corruption and unequal distribution of wealth.
  • Experimentation with forestry.

Granted, not EVERYTHING I do is a concerted effort to save the environment. I don’t think it’s possible to be completely environmentally friendly given that I live in Singapore and work the way I do. I mean, I can’t stop using hairspray for my shoots right??? Haha.

Neither you nor me can control the world’s need for more land or other countries converting their forest into whatever else they need it for.

BUT every tiny little action DOES count. A lot of deforestation is fueled by consumerism, which is us! By reducing the industry demands on the world’s forested regions for years into the future, we can do that little bit to help.

Saying NO to palm oil products(these KILL orangutans!!!), mahogany furniture, even driving less and walking more helps!

Remember the late Ah Meng from our own zoo? I hugged her when I was a little girl and I’ve LOVED Orangutans since.

Or gentle and kind Maurice in the current Planet of the Apes movie?? My fave character in the show!

More orangutans like them are dying cos their homes are destroyed to make palm oil products! So please avoid them at all costs!

Since 1993, there has been this Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), which is an independent, non-profit organisation whose goal is to protect forests for future generations. The FSC recognises that there will always be market demand to use forest products (e.g. paper, tissue products), and has hence embarked on a mission to ensure that forests certified by the organisation are responsibly managed and cared for. Today, more than 380 million acres of forest over the world are certified under FSC’s system

There is a growing number of companies being FSC certified, Kleenex being one of them. As part of its new FSC certified product launch, Kleenex wants to help Singaporeans understand how small changes made in the household can bring about long-term benefits for the environment. With this campaign, Kleenex wants to help Singaporeans pledge to start making these small changes in their own homes that will directly impact their children and our future generations.

For every 20 pledges collected, Kleenex will sponsor the planting of a tree in a local park as a sign of their dedication to the local environment!!! 20 pledges is not that hard right???

Please submit your pledge HERE (for you lazy bums who don’t wanna leave wherever you are) or in-person at Kleenex’s “Wishing Trees” at 313 Somerset from 18th July to 20th July 2014.

There will be a mini-park set up just for this and you can make a pledge via iPads on ground or your own smart phones. And fill in a physical wishing card. The wishing card will then be hung on a live tree in this mini-park.

This is a Kleenex Wishing Tree! Do look out for it at 313 Somerset!

A very sweet one with hearts! 

Write anything you want! Remember: every 20 wishes gets a tree planted for free, kindly and proudly sponsored by Kleenex!

Also, the virtual wishing cards and physical wishing cards will both be counted towards the tree planting when this campaign ends.

Update: Activation events have ended BUT you can still make your pledge on Kleenex’s Facebook page HERE.

Personally, I’ve pledged to play a part in making a big difference for our future and my wish is that Orangutans can thrive in an awesome environment and never face extinction! See if you can find my pledge HERE among all the other wishes on the tree!

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