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This is not an ad. In case you didn’t know, the MOH has this new rule that says clinics cannot do sponsorships. Obviously this is to cut down on all the rampant, and sometimes unethical, advertising on aesthetical procedures and surgeries. Sadly, even dentists and orthodontists fall under this new ruling. So no, my Invisalign is not sponsored. I’m sharing cos Dr Geraldine is a friend and charged me friend price haha. I’m grateful, for the discount plus how she literally saved 3 of my teeth(more on this later) and the overall professionalism her clinic works with, hence this post!

I think I’ll be very long-winded and naggy here so please bear with me cos it’s for your own good!

Background story:

I never had very bad teeth to begin with, but they weren’t perfect. I wanted braces in secondary school but my parents didn’t think it was necessary plus they didn’t want me to be vain lol (believe it or not, I wasn’t allowed to have long hair till AFTER my A levels! My mum said long hair will attract unwanted boys’ attention LOLOL *incredulous*). I started modeling in uni and was very affected one day when this photog said, “Don’t smile with your teeth.” I came home and cried! It wasn’t that jialat but I had to convince my parents to let me do braces haha! So yeah I got braces done when I was 20, for 13 months, and I thought I’d have perfect teeth forever.

How wrong I was. First, it’s my fault I didn’t wear my retainers. Lost them after a couple of months and thought it wouldn’t make a difference. Also, only 1 tooth was extracted on my upper jaw for my braces treatment, and as a result, the mid-line of the final result is off-center. The orthodontist did tell me that was gonna happen but he said no one but him and my bf could tell.

Rubbish. Cos my teeth, although straightened, were slanted inwards, and the asymmetry of my upper teeth became more and more apparent over the years. Maybe cos I removed my wisdom teeth, I really don’t know. But more and more people told me my teeth are not symmetrical, so much so that I became conscious and almost never smiled with teeth showing.

My point is, there’s  A LOT MORE to braces than just getting your teeth straightened. Teeth can change your entire face structure, even pushing your cheeks and lips outwards or inwards, and correcting your bite can alter your jawline too. If there’s something fundamentally wrong with your bite/jawline, straightening just the teeth wouldn’t solve your problem. Don’t be like me and try to find the most convenient and cheapest orthodontist around cos years down the road, you’d have to redo it and YOU WILL REGRET.

And my braces weren’t cheap! 4+, almost 5k. And I had to wear the metal braces for over a year. Now, it just feels like a lot of money and time wasted. Had I seen Dr Geraldine then, I could have saved all that and gotten it fixed once and for all, without having to do it again now! Haha but not that it’s possible cos she was probably still in uni then lol she’s only a bit older than me!

Having said that, she’s not just a normal dentist. She’s a Specialist, meaning she had to work for additional 2 years, while taking extra exams, and then be selected for the Orthodontic Masters residency programme which is a 3-year programme. And then she had to work for 2-3 years in order to be accepted onto the Specialist Register, only then can she be called an Orthodontist (Specialist). And all this is AFTER the initial 4-year dental degree omg. I know this is probably very boring to you but wth it’s a TOTAL of TWELVE years of devoting her life to orthodontics. These days, she does mostly orthodontic work, barely even does fillings and all. Too pro and too many patients haha.

12 years ago, I was erm… partying my life away at Zouk. *sheepish face*

So anyway, I got down to her clinic– The Orthodontic Clinic at Pacific Plaza– and got my x-rays done and thought I could start on my Invisalign asap. But as luck would have it, the x-rays showed a dark shadow on a molar on my lower left and 2 cavities on my upper right. That meant that I need to get a root canal (oh help I was freaking out!) and the 2 cavities fixed before I could start my orthodontic treatment proper. :((((( There was nothing showing on the outside, as far as I could see! I just felt a little nervy around these areas which I attributed to sensitivity.

Both Dr Geraldine and Dr Sharlene(from the same clinic and who fixed my 2 cavities) said if I didn’t get these fixed asap, I might lose my molar entirely and will have to do root canals for the upper right ones too!!! Super lucky they found that out in time. You all reading this, not that I wanna scare you but please try to get an x-ray done if you can. The twice a year scalings and polishings I did never found out these problems!

Dr Geraldine was adamant that I got these things sorted out BEFORE I did any Invisalign stuff. She refused to start on my Invisalign! Got money don’t wanna earn! Hahahah. So yeah they referred me to Dr Leroy McCully at Mount Elizabeth Novena for the root canal cos I said I wanted the gentlest dentist lol. If you or anyone you know need(s) a root canal treatment, I strongly recommend Dr Leroy. He’s soooo gentle I told him not to block my view of the James Bond movie playing on the screen above (both clinics have this. Dr G’s one has Friends and HIMYM and even My Little Pony for the kids lol) during the root canal! Again, not sponsored. I paid 535 each time; root canal treatment is a 2-part thing over 2 weeks. He’s awesome!

And then back to The Orthodontic Clinic to fix the 2 cavities. Dr Sharlene was very gentle as well and kept apologizing when she gave me the LA for it lol. Dentists these days are NOTHING like the older gen ones. I HATE the primary school dental nurses. I swear I used to get nightmares about my name being called hahhaha. They were so rough and fierce! Primary school was the time of candy; WHO didn’t have cavities please??

So yeah, I got my moulds done and before pics taken. They’re all kinda gory-looking– it’s red gums everywhere. So I filtered these pics a bit. Just focus on my teeth please haha.

Bottom row. I honestly don’t think it’s that bad. Just that the front 4 have shifted and are not straight anymore. Notice how my teeth slant inwards. This is because my previous orthodontist just focused on straightening my teeth, and not the overall look of my face.

I feel this slanting inwards of my teeth makes my mouth area look kinda sunken. This affects even up till my cheek area. Like people who age and lose volume on their face. Hence the need for fat grafts and fillers. I think I don’t need those yet. So I’m hoping with Invisalign, my teeth can be pushed outwards and give my face more volume.


Upper teeth. VERY straight right?? I bet you’re thinking I’m mad for wanting to pay thousands to correct this…


From my right view. Also straight right? Guess the previous orthodontist did a decent job of straightening my teeth. But note again how my teeth slant inwards. I hate that!


From the left. Bugs bunny front teeth more apparent from this angle. This protruding front teeth issue was why I needed/wanted braces all those years ago. Guess it came back again…

But the REAL reason why I’m doing Invisalign is this:

 Looks straight?


The top row is totally off. The blue arrow points at where the centre of my face really is. Meaning if you draw a line beyond this pic, the tip of my chin and my nose are all on this line. The top row of teeth was shifted a lot to the right(your left).

I show you.

My smile is not symmetrical at all. Top row super wonky! Not just off-centre but it also slants downwards to my left(your right).

I want a perfect smile. This is totally unacceptable. Let’s hope Invisalign can change this!

Wanna see my Clincheck? It’s this super cool 3D imaging video from Invisalign that shows my teeth before the treatment all the way till how it’ll look when I’m done! I can’t show you the video cos of copyright issues, but I screenshot and collaged the before/after so as to encourage myself to wear my aligners diligently!

(The pink bits are Invisalign attachments which serve to provide an anchor point that helps to direct the forces of the aligner more effectively to the tooth. They’re tooth-coloured anyway! Just pink here for imaging purposes.)


I had no idea my lower teeth were so much wider-set than my top! Maybe after all my aligners, my face will be more V-shaped! *hopeful*


The After looks so perfect, especially the front!


I had my wisdom tooth removed hence the missing tooth haha. But look at how crooked my bottom teeth have gotten! Can’t wait to get them straightened out…


This is the most horrendous of all to me. The Before looks like I have one tooth smack right in the middle. Damn ugly. It’s how I imagine a cyclops’ teeth to be, I mean, since he has one giant eye in the middle right? Gah. Hurry up, teeth!

This is me 4 weeks into my treatment, at the end of my 2nd set of aligners. I still have 32 sets more to go omg, cos correcting this off-centre asymmetry is a longggg drawn out process. :(

Really pretty damn invisible! Just that some videographers and photogs said my smile is very shiny haha.

Wish me luck and DISCIPLINE for the rest of my aligners! Hope this post has been useful! Rem to get an x-ray if you can!

If you’re interested in getting your teeth fixed, Dr Geraldine does Invisalign, as well as normal braces(metal and ceramic). I brought Eric to see her and she gave him a good price for his ceramic braces too. His teeth are horrific(sorry darling!) so lucky he’s seeing a really solid Specialist, and not someone like my previous orthodontist. No point wasting time and money!

Oh and FYI, Dr Sharlene volunteers for mission trips with Operation Smile overseas. In case you’re not familiar, Operation Smile is a charity organization that gives free surgeries to children with cleft lips, cleft problems and other facial deformities.

Why am I telling you this?

Cos Invisalign has launched this campaign called the Better Smiles Movement, together with Operation Smile. And because The Orthodontic Clinic is part of this movement too, they are absorbing the costs of all Invisalign consultations. Call them to find out more!

Just make an appointment and you might find that Invisalign isn’t as unaffordable as you thought! Dr Geraldine is damn flexible with payment plans, like with Eric(who is still in NS and drawing like $480 a month?? *sad life*), she asked for 1k+ on his first visit and the rest just spread out over the course of his treatment. Of course, his is ceramic braces, but you get the drift la! She’s very chin chai (easy-going) one!

Say hello to her for me when you go! :)

The Orthodontic Clinic (click for link) is at:

9 Scotts Road, Scotts Medical Center (above Pacific Plaza), #08-02, Singapore 228210. Tel: 6737 3850 Fax: 6737 3950



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