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Hello. This isn’t an easy post to write. Because of all the drama and flak I got from the previous post on Slim Couture, I actually turned down doing this post and offered a refund to the client. But Slim Couture asked me this simple question:

“Do you feel Slim Couture works?”

While I’m not gonna rave about the treatments(will just talk about them point blank), I can’t say they don’t work. And I shouldn’t be afraid to share my results and my opinion of the treatments or be bullied into silence. Slim Couture WORKED for me, as well as many others.

These are my measurements before and after the treatments and I’m lifting them from the bottom of my post in case you lose focus. (This is gonna be a long ass post because I have a lot to say okay? If you’re not interested, just scroll to the bottom for Before/After pics.)

Before SC program:
Left arm: 25cm
Right arm: 26cm
Left thigh: 49.5cm
Right thigh: 50.5cm
Waist: 64cm
2 inches below waist: 73cm

After 8 treatments:
Left arm: 22.5cm
Right arm: 23cm
Left thigh: 46cm
Right thigh: 46.5cm
Waist: 59cm
2 inches below waist: 69cm

Part of the flak I got for the earlier post is because most people think I’m already skinny and shouldn’t be advocating slimming procedures. The truth is, my body is not as good as it used to be. I’ve put on weight in the wrong places since my earlier modeling days. And the truth also is, I’ve had a lot of trouble losing inches in these specific areas, which I am more and more conscious of these days.

That’s how *I* view my body and my flaws. I never said my standards of my body are average. Like I commented on my IG post, even Victoria’s Secret Angels have flaws that they are conscious about. Us commoners might not see or agree with these issues, but they go for tons of treatments(fat-freezing, skin tightening etc) and exercise like mad to combat what they feel isn’t up to standard.

Every girl I know wants to be skinnier/have the perfect body; the only difference is just how much they’re willing to do to achieve that. Some people are just okay to leave it to nature and be slack on their diet/exercise regime; some really can’t give a damn and just eat and eat and balloon, and if that’s what makes them happy, good for them. On the flip side, some people are so conscious about their weight/image issues that they resort to drastic means– liposuction, fat injections(I heard these hurt like hell), or succumb to bulimia/anorexia(I’m not familiar with these and it’s not my intention to talk about them lightly. I’m just saying in general.).

My point is, I don’t think I’m that bad wanting to achieve the body I USED TO HAVE. It’s not like I wanna change the way I look entirely and become someone else. Even if I do, that’s my prerogative. But I’m not going under the knife and doing something irrevocable to myself, nor am I saying all of you should abide by MY standards of what a good/perfect body is. This is a personal quest for me.

My standards of how skinny I should be are higher now that I’m on videos more(cannot photoshop!). I want to be as slim as I was before. Back when I put on a lot of weight during CvD, the nasty comments on my weight gain were super mean and depressing. Everyday I’d read something like “Yay I’m glad kaykay has put on weight now cos I can’t stand her” or “why her tummy so fat? Is she pregnant?”. Even my own friends were like “Eh don’t eat so much. I got a lot to edit for your shoot pics.”

Nobody would understand la. Even now that I’ve lost most of that weight, I’m still self-conscious about wtv flaws I have. For a period of time, I was taking pills to suppress my appetite, and while those worked for a while, in the long-term(upwards of 3 months), they made me very cranky and jittery. So much so that I promised myself I wouldn’t touch these appetite control pills anymore cos I hated that version of me. Slim Couture seemed like something worth trying as it uses Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM) techniques which are natural and non-invasive.

I’m not gonna justify my choices anymore after this. If you understand why I’m doing this, good, thank you. If you don’t, too bad, you don’t own me. :)

On the bruises:
If anyone was misled into thinking that Slim Couture(I will refer to Slim Couture as SC henceforth in this post) offers treatments that do not bruise(from my Instagram post), I apologize. It was never my intention to fool anyone.

Anyone who has done baguan(cupping) or knows of anyone who has will know baguan causes bruises. Not sure about you but Idk anyone who doesn’t bruise from baguan. I thought it was pretty straightforward. But in case that wasn’t clear, I mentioned TWICE in my earlier post on SC that there are bruises.

a hot gf of mine sported some round, cupping bruises on her arms” and “I edited away most of the bruising on my thighs“.

When I sent the original pic(for the IG post) to SC, the boss asked me to edit the bruises away. She said she didn’t want people to see the bruises and asked me to edit them away. Please read on.

Before my very first treatment at SC, I asked the boss if I can take pics of them doing the guasha and the cupping for my blog post. I thought it would make for interesting content. Even then, the boss said no, because she didn’t want people to see the tools they use(a special magnetic and acupuncture type of cup) or where they place these cups. This has nothing to do with bruising(I hadn’t gotten any bruises at this point, before treatments began).

At SC, the placement of the cups differs for every patient depending on their weight and problem areas. If I’m not wrong, they use different sizes of cups too.

For every trade, I’m sure they have trade secrets they want to protect. A hair removal company not wanting me to post pics of their IPL machine because they don’t want a competitor to see and copy, or SC not wanting their rivals to know where they place their baguans?

It made perfect business sense to me. I felt it wasn’t my place to question why they want to protect their trade secret.

Different people hurt differently. The guasha was INFINITELY more painful for me than the cupping. The cupping felt like a breeze after the guasha. BUT it was the cupping that left the bruises! Making it look like it was very painful, when it was actually the guasha that hurt more in my case.

Different people also bruise differently. The boss said my bruising was worse than average. When I first started on the treatments, my bruises were pretty bad. They got better and faded faster as I did more treatments. Idk if you believe in TCM but any TCM-aware person will tell you: the higher the frequency and number of times of guasha/baguan you do, the less you will bruise. Cos your body is rid of the toxins(I’m sure about this) or it gets used to it(I’m not sure about this). Eating blueberries also helped them fade quicker for me.

Did the bruises make me conscious? OF COURSE they did.

But all I had to do was wear stuff with sleeves and a longer skirt, which honestly isn’t hard at all for me. (Also, everyone LOVED my OL look, so yeah I was very happy to dress like that haha.)

SC’s program only lasts for 1.5 months for most people. The average is 12 sessions, which take place over 6 weeks. For mine, I needed the minimum which was 8 sessions. 4 weeks.

4 weeks of wearing jackets and long sleeves. For slimmer arms, thighs and stomach. For me, that was an okay trade-off. Just tahan for this period la. Nobody force me to wear bikini right?

And the thing is, when people see bruises, they automatically assume the worst. Have you ever had bruises that you forgot how you got? When I go partying, I always have bruises on my knees the next day cos I’m clumsy and always bumping into tables. But they don’t hurt. Have you ever seen or had a bruise from baguan? Does it look a lot worse than the actual pain? I’d say yes. Baguan bruises always look pretty bad and imo, nowhere near indicative of the pain factor.

My point is: If the SC boss asks me to edit the bruises away because:

1. She doesn’t want people and competition to know the placement of the baguans,
. My bruising is not indicative of the average person’s and/or might scare people into thinking it’s worse than it looks,

I’m okay to do it. Not because I pander to clients’ every whim and choose to lie to you all and bluff you that you won’t bruise. If I did, I wouldn’t mention TWICE that there ARE bruises. I edited them away cos I understood why SC didn’t want me to show them in that pic. But yes, since it’s so imperative I show the bruises, I’ve taken close-ups of the bruising. Further down this post.

On the pain:

Damn don’t like this! Like I said, I’m skinny to begin with so I think this made it even more painful for me. Not much flesh so the guasha hurt a lot! Like ticklish and painful at the same time. At times I wanna laugh, and other times I’m like tryna escape from the therapist haha. I can’t help but think if I were fatter, it wouldn’t hurt as much.

It hurt especially during the first session, 4th session and 7th session for me. I took some breaks in between(cos of work and traveling), so I didn’t do the treatments twice a week every week, but I completed all 8 sessions in about 6 weeks. So I’m guessing the 4th and 7th sessions hurt cos I was suffering from PMS, when the body is more susceptible to pain. 1st session naturally hurt cos I wasn’t used to it.

So if you’re gonna do this, try to avoid doing it a few days before your period if you’re sensitive like me. Otherwise, just tell the therapist to be gentler.

Also, not every part hurts. For me, it hurt on my stomach, inner thighs and inner arms the most. Other parts like my neck, shoulders and back and waist felt pretty good actually. Apparently, some people actually like the guasha and prefer it to baguan, though personally I can’t imagine how so! But I guess everyone’s different.

For me, the baguan didn’t hurt nearly as much as the guasha. If you’ve have the pleasure(or displeasure, depends on how you view it haha) of having a lovebite, I guess it kinda is the same thing? But for me, it’s even less painful. Like small cups(much smaller than traditional baguan cups) placed over strategic parts of your body, each one with a suction force.

The cool thing about the baguan done at SC is that they don’t use needles. So your skin isn’t pierced and this makes me feel that it’s much safer. SC uses a magnetic type of cup and imo, it’s more hygienic than normal baguan. In any case, all the cups are thoroughly sterilized at a TCM centre after each use. They’re not reused or shared among other patrons before sterilizing. Also, SC doesn’t use fire in their baguans, which can be dangerous if the therapist is not experienced enough.

The bad thing about the baguan is that it leaves bruises, duh. TCM believes this is cos it’s purging your body of toxins. The more toxins in your body, the darker the bruises will be. I think given our diets and lifestyles(especially mine cos I eat a lot of meat and sleep super late), we all have toxins in us. So yeah bruises will definitely form. Just wear sleeves and refrain from shorts for a few days after treatment I guess?

The good thing is that even when I bruised and people did see my bruises, I just had to say I went for baguan and everyone understood. No one ever asked me what it was for so I didn’t have to explain all of this or say it’s for slimming. I just said health reasons or need to detox(which IS what SC does) and everyone left it at that. I guess in Singapore, TCM is pretty widely accepted and understood.

Also, like I mentioned, SC uses much smaller cups so the bruises are smaller compared to traditional baguan bruises. They’re NOT the huge angry looking ones like these…

Immediately after treatment.

After treatment. If you’re familiar with traditional baguan, this looks like it’ll take more than a week to completely fade off.

(Pics taken off the net.)


The SC ones are like these(these are my own pics, straight off my cam, no edits whatsoever):

Immediately after treatment. You can still see the temporary dents caused by the cups. I took this pic the moment I stepped back in my car, before I drove off, so you can see how it looks once you step out of SC. And yes, my thigh is already skinnier here cos this was after one of my last few sessions. Also, I angled my thigh for this pic so as to mask the positions of the cups(anyway the placements differ from person to person depending on your shape and target areas so don’t bother copying mine la thanks).

Day 2-3: it’ll look like this. (At least for me. Idk how you all bruise haha.)

By Day 4-5, mine looked like this. Is this horrific? To me, it’s okay. But you decide yourself la.

Like I said, different people hurt and bruise differently. No matter how I write this post, I cannot guarantee you will have the exact experience as I did. I can only show you and tell you what I personally went through. You might hurt more than me, you might bruise less than me. How would I know right? It’s like getting a tattoo. Some people say painful until wanna faint, others say it’s shiok and addictive.

If you’re super sensitive and terrified of pain, then perhaps this treatment isn’t suitable for you and you can stop reading this post and go online shopping or something. But if you can tolerate pain reasonably well and you’re vain about your weight/figure, then please read on. :)

On the diet:
The SC program calls for a strict diet. No red meat, carbs only for breakfast, no soup, can only eat kinds of fruits. There is an epic long list of stuff you can’t eat. Really. I see also I’m quite sian.

But can eat chicken and fish. I hate fish but chicken is okay with me. And for the sake of beauty, I can be SUPER disciplined…

For one day. Hahaha.

SC, please don’t kill me but I barely followed the diet. (This is not to say all of you on the SC program can just eat wtv you want and you’ll still lose weight ah! If you do this, don’t blame me or SC if you don’t show results!)

By Day 2 and after, I was eating lamb cutlets, black pork at Hai Di Lao(and drinking the soup duh), marinated short ribs at KBBQ, and dimsum at Wah Lok haha. And I snacked as usual. Those of you who know me will know how much I snack. Again, I am NOT promoting this and saying it’s okay to eat wtv you want and you’ll still lose weight and inches. I’m just telling you what I ate.

I’d say even before SC, I eat one big main meal with carbs a day, then a meal with just meat, and then eat whatever I want throughout the day, mostly snacks. And there’s no order to this haha. It’s just the way my diet is. I don’t take main meals like people are supposed to.

What I did do after starting SC was avoid carbs as best as I could, eat till I’m 70% full(part of SC’s diet plan) whenever I wasn’t that greedy, and when possible, eat chicken above the other meats, and I ate A LOT of cherry tomatoes(part of SC’s diet plan). Like up to 2 boxes a day.

A part of why I rebelled against the diet plan was because if you look at the diet plan, you’d know logically that ANYONE who follows it will lose weight. I know my body well and if I ate like that, CONFIRM I’ll lose weight.

But I wanted to test if SC’s program really works. (I can cos I don’t have to pay for the treatments. If you pay for it, please don’t try to test the system like me lol.)

If I lost weight, how would I know how much of the weight loss is credited to the guasha and baguan, and how much is cos of the diet right? So I guess you could say I’m a good living example of the results of the guasha and baguan alone without the diet.

On the results:
I was 43.6kg, weighed at my 1st session before the treatment. Today, I’m about 1kg lighter at 42.8kg. Like I’ve said many times before, I AM very light already. My BMI is ridiculously low cos I have light bones! NOT cos I’m very skinny. Again, my opinion, you don’t have to agree. Anyway, I just wanted to lose in cm at specifically 3 areas.

Here are my Before and After pics. I’ll just point out the areas at which I noticed a significant difference(these pics have been collaged then filtered together, otherwise no edits):

Collarbone. Arms. Waist. Tummy. Thigh gap.

 Shoulder blades. Waist. Ass.

 Arms. Tummy. Ass.

The differences in these pics are probably not very apparent to you, but to me, they are. God knows how hard I’ve tried to diet and lose the inches/cm in these areas that just refused to budge no matter how many kgs I lost on the scale. I personally think it’s easy for a fat girl to lose weight to become skinnier but for an already skinny girl, it’s pretty damn hard to lose in specific areas only.

Anyway, if you’re a numbers sort of person, here are my measurements before and after the SC treatments:
Before SC program:
Left arm: 25cm
Right arm: 26cm
Left thigh: 49.5cm
Right thigh: 50.5cm
Waist: 64cm
2 inches below waist: 73cm

After 8 treatments:
Left arm: 22.5cm
Right arm: 23cm
Left thigh: 46cm
Right thigh: 46.5cm
Waist: 59cm
2 inches below waist: 69cm

I’m refraining from raving about the results cos I promised to deliver this post as is. You all should be able to count well. Total loss is more than 20cm. If I lied about any of these figures or altered/exaggerated even 0.5cm, I will forever be a lumpy fatty. To me, the cm loss is remarkable as I was already very light and small-sized to begin with.

If I lost in just kilograms, I’d probably attribute it to water retention and all. But SC really helped me to lose in cm in these problem areas that I found so freakin difficult to slim down.

That’s why I personally believe it works. The guasha and baguan method. For me, it does. I understand and believe it didn’t work for a certain blogger. But for me, it did.

I’m not saying you should believe me over anyone else. Slimming, like skincare and tastes in fashion/food/trends, differs for everyone. Some people lose weight easily, some don’t. Some people respond typically to treatments and others might not. Just like how many people rave about SKII, and lots of people also say it does nothing much for them, and some even claim it makes them break out?

I feel sad and sorry for SC that one of the people their program didn’t work on somebody as influential as said blogger. And that my post made her write that review on them.

My point is if somebody really popular tried an SKII product and developed a bad allergy or just didn’t achieved results as promised and posted publicly about it, it doesn’t mean SKII doesn’t work for many many other people.

I know for a fact the SC bosses genuinely feel their treatments work. This is evidenced by all the clients they have who have legit Before & After pics to prove their results, and all the girls(I know a lot of bankers go to SC) who knew of SC by word of mouth, even before ANY blogger or personality spoke of them.

If SC were really an iffy company based on unrealistic promises and lies about results, I really don’t think the bosses would have approached someone as influential and also as brutally honest as said blogger. I don’t think any amount of money can make her lie, since she’s known to be so credible. This wasn’t the first time she blogged negatively about a company, warranted or not. So why would SC put their reputation at stake if they weren’t super confident they could deliver results? Doesn’t make sense right? But yeah that’s just what I feel.

What I know for a fact is: SC did work for me and I will keep going back for my treatments. After the initial 8-12 sessions, you can go for maintenance at a frequency you feel is comfortable and as and when you feel you need to(I think the average is once a month but it’s up to you I suppose). But no need to stick to the diet anymore. :)

I intend to go back, regardless of whether I’m paid, simply because I know it works for me.

In any case, Slim Couture practices a MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE if you don’t achieve results. Again, another indication of how confident they are about the efficacy of their program. So please don’t worry about wasting your money on something that might not work for you. In the event you don’t lose weight/cm, SC will refund every cent, no questions asked.

If you’d like to consider a TCM method of losing weight and sculpting an ideal figure, please see the REVIEWS and RESULTS of all these girls who have successfully achieved weight and cm loss at Slim Couture.

Slim Couture is located at:
Singapore Shopping Centre
190 Clemenceau Ave , #05-29
Singapore 239924
Hotline: (+65) 6336 8665 

China Square Central
18 Cross Street, #02-06
China Square Central 
Singapore 048423
Hotline: (+65) 6536 8586


Slim Couture’s website

Slim Couture’s Facebook page

I know my words are small and featherweight compared to the damage done but I really hope you’ll give Slim Couture a chance. Especially since they’ve always had the money-back-if-no-results guarantee.

Thank you for the patience to read through my long post and what I have to say. I took a really long time to write this post and it’s way beyond what a typical ad entails. Super appreciate you spending your time here with me. :)


P/S: Slim Couture will be holding a Meet & Greet session with some bloggers, who will be sharing their diet, SC journey and their transformations on that day!
There’ll a buffet spread showcasing the kinds of yummy food you can eat!
Learn more about what TCM is and how TCM can help to lose weight and inches effectively and fast.
There will also be a free door gift for every attendee worth $108.

And for first time ever, Slim Couture will be giving a 5% discount on the packages signed up on that day!
Strictly for invited guests only.

DATE: Saturday, 20th Sep 2014
VENUE: Slim Couture
China Square
18 Cross Street China Square Central
Singapore 048423
TIME: 1pm- 4pm

Sign up for the event by dropping an email to indicating your interest in the Slim Couture x Bloggers Meet & Greet session!
Selected participants will be notified via email. Good luck! X

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