Advertorial– VMG (Vitamagra)

So about a year ago, I got a health scare. I had a pain in my abdomen. Wasn’t appendicitis or the usual stuff, the ER doc thought it was a cyst but the gynae cleared that also… Turned out to be CONSTIPATION COLIC zzz. Even though I go everyday! Apparently that’s not good enough! Because I don’t consume enough fibre, stuff got trapped in my intestines, causing blockage and thus the pain!!!

Since then, I’ve been more conscious about taking in more fibre, and vitamins in general.

Here’s just SOME of the health supplements I take on a daily basis:

The standard Vit C for immunity, Vit B for STRESS(which I suffer a lot of) relief, Omega 3 for I don’t even know what but everyone says gotta take Omega 3 so I also follow haha, folic acid for better hair and nails, and my fave Lyco-White from IDS Clinic for general good skin, sunblock and whitening.

As you can see, it’s damn a lot of pills to take. And this is excluding my Fybogel(which I HATE!!!) for much needed fibre. What if I could combine ALL(or almost all) of these supplements into ONE??? Then I don’t need to take SOOOOOO many pills and drink the nasty fybogel already right???

Introducing VMG which is short for Vitamagra!

VMG is the World’s Most Advanced Nutrition drink that is a shortcut to a healthy lifestyle. It can be used for many purposes such as a daily health supplement, an exercise supplement, for caloric budgeting and even weight loss management!

Basically, it is a powder mix that contains 36 essential vitamins and minerals scientifically-related to beautiful skin & hair, improved brain and eye functions, increased resistance against diseases, reduced risks of 21st Century diseases, such as diabetes, stroke, hypertension, cancer, heart diseases, obesity, osteoporosis, arthritis and other chronic diseases!

If you’re kiasu like me, you’ll wanna take supplements to prevent all of these diseases too. And who doesn’t want better skin and hair?? But VMG is NOT just a health supplement!!!

Because it contains Pro@Flim Bioactives™, you can tweak VMG to help you lose weight and shed inches! The synergism in VMG’s formula helps you to digest your food more efficiently while increasing your metabolic rate naturally. At the same time, it reduces stubborn cellular and tissue water retention which I suffer from time to time!

I don’t really want to lose weight on the scale, but I definitely need help with bloatedness!

Here are some of the features of VMG that might interest you:

 Pro@FlimTM Bioactives as mentioned

–Focuses particularly on hard-to-remove water retention areas, such as the abdominal regions and improve metabolism.

 Dietary Fibre

–Aids in digestive system.

 Prebiotics & Probiotics

–Prevents and fights against harmful bacteria by improving immunity.

 Amino Acids

–Repairs and maintains of body tissues.

 High in Omega 3

–Reduces inflammation and improves brain function. Reduces cholesterol and risks of hypertension and stroke.

 High Protein

–Curbs hunger and fulfils satiety.

There are 4 ways you can use VMG:

1) As a Daily Health Supplement

With 36 vitamins and minerals, VMG contains the HIGHEST number of vitamins and minerals in the market. Yet, with Advanced Synergy, your body will be able to absorb all these nutrients so as to meet the requirements of your body from day to day. The end result? Better health, skin, hair, and so much more!

2) As an Exercise Booster

VMG Is a high-protein, low-carbohydrate nutrition drink that provides you the much needed energy boost to enhance your workouts at home or in the gym. Not only will you feel good, you will look good as well.

3) As a Meal Replacement for Caloric Budgeting

If you have ever felt guilty after having a sinful meal, fret not, because you will be able to use VMG as a meal replacement! Simply use VMG to plan your daily calorie intake by substituting a meal with VMG if you anticipate a scrumptious dinner coming up. In this way, you will be able to stay svelte while enjoying your favourite culinary delights.

4) As a Meal Replacement for Weight-Loss

If you are keen on losing weight, you can use VMG as a meal replacement for all 3 meals in a day. Sounds crazy but you can! But of course, they recommend to still have one food meal a day. VMG keeps your hunger at bay, while providing you with all the vitamins and minerals your body needs to thrive. VMG tastes good on its own, and you can also choose to enhance its flavour by adding VMG into your milkshakes, coffees, yoghurts and so much more! Let your creativity run wild as you come up with different recipes containing VMG. It’s so good you can even eat it on its own. Kinda tastes like cookies and cream to me!

For me, I use VMG as a health supplement more than for losing weight, so essentially I just add it once a day to my morning coffee!

My limited edition Nespresso. This is the Hazelnut Dessert flavour. Capsule is silver with gold, white and brown stripes. So festive!

So yeah I just add 1 tablespoon of VMG like this:

And mix it in like I would with sugar! VMG makes my Nespresso slightly sweet and creamy, so I skip creamer/milk altogether!

All stirred in and ready to drink! It’s not troublesome at all, cos it’s just a one more step to my usual coffee. Drink up and I’m done! Coffee with 36 vitamins and minerals that I need for my health! Easy peasy!

But because I don’t drink coffee every single day, I tried VMG in my usual meals and I found that it tastes good with my fruit salads too!

Add one tablespoon of VMG to my standard fruit bowl. And I eat it as usual! I think it makes strawberries taste sweeter too!

The little black dots are basil seeds. Basil seeds are packed with nutrients and considered a super food! Similar to chia seeds but they kinda plump up within minutes, giving them this jelly texture on the outside. Very very cool to eat!

Health perks of basil seeds:

  • Cooling – they are cooling, which is why they are added to many cool drinks like falooda, rood afza, nimbu pani and sherbets.
  • Colds etc. – they are good for sore throats, cold and respiratory disorders.
  • Digestion – they can aid in digestion and relieve constipation.
  • Stress relief – they can have a calming effect and can uplift your mood.
  • Skin relief – they are good for skin infections.
  • Weight loss – they can curb your appetite if you consume them in a gelatinous drink before a meal.

Read more:

Doesn’t look too appealing but the taste is really nubbad! And the texture of the basil seeds makes my fruit salad seem like a dessert!

And because VMG can be used as a meal replacement, adding it to my fruit bowl makes me feel fuller than usual and curbs my craving for snacks for a longer time!

VMG costs $68 per bottle of 500g and you can get it from VMG can be purchased from their ONLINE STORE. Which is really good value for money cos you can take it 60 times! Just $1.13 per meal haha.

But if you don’t wanna fork out money to try a new health supplement, which I totally understand, VMG is giving away…

100 bottles of VMG + tumbler!!!

YES. 100 of you will be getting this VMG + tumbler set FREE!!!

Go to the VMG website to apply! :)

Also, please quote “20kaykay20” to enjoy a 20% off for a bottle. If you are intending to purchase 2 or more bottles, quote “30kaykay30” to enjoy a 30% discount. You’ll also get a free tumbler like mine with every purchase. Remember to mention the color of shaker bottle you require in the comment box when you purchase the product.

The code will only work on Vitmagra – VMG (500G).

If you enjoy your VMG, please leave a testimonial on VMG’s website to get 20% OFF your next purchase!

And lastly, please follow them on Instagram @VMG_SG to find out how you can win a cash prize of $200 and a Shiro-wa Beauty Skincare Set!


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