Advertorial– Private Room

What greeted me when I arrived at Private Room:

A hulking giant PONY BALLOON!!! The sweetest lady boss Joanne knows I love ponies and purple and got one for me even though she was overseas and couldn’t attend that day! So. Much. Love.

Snacks for us girls from @missionjuice, @inthebrickyard, and @crememaisonbakery!


Mission Juice serves premium cold-pressed juices. You can check them out HERE if you’re keen. It’s at International Plaza, same as Private Room, so if you’re in the CBD area, please pop by! They taste really yummy, totally not raw or vegetable-tasting at all!


My first ever cake with REAL flowers! Thank you In The Brickyard for the kind thought!


THE LOVELIEST BOUQUET EVER from Creme Maison Bakery. They are individual bespoke cupcakes arranged in the sweetest floral bouquet. Look at the hydrangeas and the purple roses. Insanely gorgeous. Which girl wouldn’t melt at the sheer sight of these??

Order at:
Tel: 81813689


My pretty gfs, Cas, Jun and Nicole(who is preggers with a baby boy!), before our pampering grooming sesh at Private Room!






Forced them to take pic wimme haha.


Jun only interested in her juice lol.


Love this pic cos we look so happy here! My previous nail extensions were being soaked off btw haha.


Shoutout to Fiona for the superb photography in this post. She has a knack for capturing emotions in pics above and beyond just a good-looking photograph. See her awesome Instagram feed at @smittenpixels. She does pre-wedding shoots damn well too!




On to the beautifying part of the party! Gel manicures for all of us!


Followed by pedicures…


My epic CNY kitty nails by Junying taking super long to remove haha. JY, your work really damn zai! (Sorry Roxy and Michelle who had to remove them so tediously!)



Really taking damn long hahaha. SORWEE!

The girls got bwaxes done(obviously no pics haha), and we proceeded to get our lashes extended!

Nic getting her lashes done…


Kate did them for her.

Digression: Kate is also the girl who did my and Eric’s eyebrow embroidery. We did 4D cloning and Kate is ace at shaping and sculpting the shape of your brows to customize them to suit your face. Strongly recommend her!

Throwback collage on how different brow shapes can change your look! Kate did both. Left one was more natural, then after a few months I opted for thicker, straighter Korean brows that are all the rage now. Which do you prefer?

Personally, I’m just happy I don’t have to draw my brows anymore haha. Ok back to the party!

All of us got our lashes extended and here are 4 different types!

(Clockwise from Top Left): Jun got single lashes done for a more natural look; Cas was recommended lashes that are longer in the middle to make her eyes look rounder; me with lashes I designed myself(love the extra long strands cos they really open up the peepers); and Nic, who got lashes done for the very first time, with her short to long lashes that save her lots of time on eye makeup!

And here’s us with our lashes, nails and waxes all done!


Thank you, Private Room, for having us! If you’re thinking of throwing a girly private pretty party or a pre-hen’s night grooming sesh with your gfs, please check out Private Room! I personally love the one-stop beauty concept– no need to make tons of calls at different places to get all my grooming done! :)

There are 3 options for Private Room’s parties– charged per pax, for a minimum of 4 girls. Really good value for money considering you get almost 25-50% off usual rates! Their usual ala carte eyelash extensions are priced at $108 and up, but with this party package, you pay $120(and above if you want more/other services) and you’ll get a gel mani and a classic pedi ON TOP OF the lash extensions! Massive savings!

See the different options HERE.

Private Room
10 Anson Road, #03-14 International Plaza, S(079903)
+65 62233546

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