Hi! Just gon keep the intro short and sweet cause no one cares lol. Hope the following helps some of you! (None of these recommendations are sponsored. I paid for everything and tried everything myself and these are my own opinions.) 


(Disclaimer: Bangkok is not known for their QC on most things, so I might just be lucky and went on the days the chefs were in a good mood. Also, taste is subjective. So far the food I jio-ed my friends they all like. But if you don’t like, don’t come scold me!}

Khun Ple Mookata: 211 Soi 20 Mithuna Yaek 6, Huai Khwang
THIS PLACE MADE ME RUSH THIS POST OUT. THIS IS SO F AMAZING. The sets come in 300/400/500 thb. Super good value for money. Chilli sauces are MAD. Try all 3 and mix!

K***** (look for the full name on my Facebook) Seafood: 166/1-6 Ratchadaphisek Soi 10,Ratchadaphisek Road,Huai Khwang, Bangkok 10310, Thailand
This is where I always eat the peeled curry crab(must order!). The cockles salad, chilli-fried clams, crab fried rice are not bad. Overall better and cheaper than Somboon(MY opinion only!).

J Tim Seafood: Pracha Songkhro Rd, Khwaeng Din Daeng, Din Daeng, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10400
This is at Huai Khwang night market, a few shops down from Huai Khwang Terrace. Order the snapper steamed with lemon(PLEASE!), blanched cockles, and ask for “seafood sauce”. A lot of Singaporeans go to Noi Seafood (a few doors further down) and it’s v famous, but I prefer J Tim. :)

Chinatown Cockles Stall: I’m lazy to find the address. CLICK HERE cause this person dedicated an entire blog post to these cockles lol. Both my SG and BKK friends LOVE this tiny stall, think it’s cause of the peanut sauce, the way they blanch the cockles, and how INSANELY fresh they are. I haven’t had fresher cockles anywhere else in Thailand, even at the beachy areas. Because I’m extra like that, I tapao the cockles back to eat with my Singapore sambal chilli sauce hahaha (dm me or leave a comment if you want me to share which sambal I freakin hand-carried from SG, it’s the best!).

Street Food:
Huai Khwang(there’s street food everywhere in BKK but cause I live near HK and I tend to go out and eat at night, I’m always here haha):

Sirichai Pork Leg Rice: 40 Pracha Songkhro Rd, Khwaeng Din Daeng, Din Daeng, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10400, Thailand
60 thb. Imo it’s nicer than the super famous Soi 19 one at Pratunam, but even if you don’t agree, this opens 4pm-6am so it’s another option for you night owls. The cockle salad and mango sticky rice here are v good too! This place is so good my SG friends asked for franchise to bring to SG but were sadly rejected.

Yam mama: There’s this lady in a push-cart that’s USUALLY outside 7-Eleven(or the 24-hr pharmacy). I say usually cause they always move around lol. I’ll ask her for a pic the next time I buy. I freakin love her cause she makes the best mama ever. But it’s DAMN spicy, her chilli padi is free one. Tell her “ped noi”(less spicy) if you can’t take too spicy, or “mai ped” (not spicy), which is alr spicy lol.

Strawberries w plum powder: THIS IS FREAKING VOODOO. ALL non-strawberry fans will be converted after this. There are 3 powders: purple is plum, orange is sugar and salt(I think), and brown is chilli. I usually go for plum only, but plum and salt are good too! The peeled and cut fruits all over HK are awesome (except durian, do NOT buy ANY durian in BKK, they all suck). I don’t usually buy cut fruits at street stalls, cause cut fruits are damn susceptible to bacteria/germs etc, but those at HK got damn high turnover(everyone buys a lot of fruit there) so I guess it’s okay!

Night Market Food:
Hua Mum Night Market Bucket Shrimp: This place damn zzz. They open on selected days(I think it’s up to them lol) and don’t have any website or address. The food is really good(go for the Seabomb sauce) but I suggest you only check them out if you happen to be at Hua Mum. Otherwise it’s v far for most tourists and this night market is a bit sian(Liap Duan is my fave but I will cover that next time) so don’t go all the way just to eat this.

Hubba Shrimps: Talad Neon container #C03
I might be biased cause my friend opened this but he’s the same guy who jio-ed me Khun Ple Mookata so you know his standard of food is legit one haha. They bought the recipe from the competitor of Bucket Shrimp and tweaked it to make it even better! And it’s at Talad Neon which everyone goes to anyway, so TRY this if you’re there! DM to tell me nice or not. Not nice I help you tell him LOL. But seriously, go for the small head shrimps (the big head ones are like the prawning kind if you know what I mean) and the clams! The sauce is bomb– girls w long hair, pls bring a hair-tie!

Chimney Cake: Talad Rodfai Ratchada behind Esplanade
Also opened by my friends(are you noticing a pattern here?? I also wanna do F&B here!) haha but if not nice, I won’t jio okay. Think Auntie Anne’s pretzels rolled up into a cone, with Nutella spread on the interior of the cone, an Oreo at the base of the cone, creamy vanilla/chocolate ice-cream, topped with cinnamon/coconut shavings/caramel… OMG. Just share this, so you can eat all the other food BKK has to offer!

Mall food:
Kin Tiew KanUnion Mall, 4F, Lat Phrao Road | Lat Yao, Chatuchak, Bangkok 10900, Thailand
Boat noodles! These tiny bowls of goodness used to cost 12 thb last year when I first tried them. Now they’re 14 thb but erm not complaining lol. My fave is the beef with thickened broth and rice noodles/vermicelli. The menu also expanded– get the fried wanton and medium boiled eggs and fried lard! If you still have space, try the coconut pudding that’s on every table, 12 thb for a pair. So so good for something so accessible, plus aircon and shopping in Union!

Nuer Koo: 4th floor Siam Paragon
Wagyu beef noodles. And this is legit wagyu. Not the nonsense wagyu that EVERY rabak western food restaurant here claims to sell. Really the BEST Thai beef noodles I’ve had in my life. But it’s also 550 thb and that’s before the noodles lol. The Kobe version is better but imo not worth 950 thb (this is pretty crazy in BKK). Wagyu is good enough! And I tried the branch at Thonglor, not nice one (super salty and a far cry from the Paragon one but maybe I was unlucky idk).

Som Tam Nua: 392/14 Siam Square Soi 5, Khwaeng Pathum Wan, Khet Pathum Wan, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10330
This is quite touristy la. Most people know this already but still one of my faves! Get the fried chicken wings(world bessst!) and pork neck slices, and sticky rice if you want something special!

A Ramen: B floor The Street Ratchada
Comforting 24-hour ramen! Definitely not Ichiran or Ippudo but legit for something that opens 24 hours in Bangkok. I’m not exactly sure why, maybe it’s the garlic, maybe it’s the thick chashu slices, maybe it’s the salty tonkotsu broth, but I F LOVE THIS LOL. Esp now during the rainy season here, I find myself craving this a lot.

Shibuya Shabu: G Floor, Vorasombat Road, Rama 9 Road, Din Daeng District, Bangkok, Thailand.
699 thb for legit wagyu buffet. Really eat until you can’t breathe cause it’s so good. Even the lime sorbet and jellies are good. Every freaking thing is free flow. But go only if you have spare time in Bangkok. If you’re here for a short holiday, I think you’re better off eating wagyu buffets in SG. Again, another of my rainy day faves.

Night spots:

The Iron Fairies: 394 Sukhumvit Soi 55, Bangkok 10110, Thailand
The most magical spot in Bangkok haha. Think Harry Potter vibes, borderline claustrophobic area, great live band, TONS of rainbow FAIRY DUST in MAGIC BOTTLES. You will forget the outside world and all your troubles temporarily.

JJ Green: Opp Chatuchak Market
Only opens at night. It’s a big open space with lots of food and quirky buys (awesome place to shop for souvenirs for your friends). Super chill vibes, with artists creating their work live, vintage stuff, old school barber shops etc. Very very different from JJ Market.


Healthland: Google the address pls cause they have a lot of branches
Consistently good massage/spa at good prices! I used to tell people “you haven’t tried a good Thai massage till you go to Healthland”. All the roadside ones really quite shag. I don’t doubt some places have legit masseuses but you know who to ask for meh? If you don’t, just go to Healthland. The couple rooms (for oil/aromatherapy massages) at the Pradit Manutham branch are awesome but pls go with someone you’re okay to shower naked with cause it’s an open shower concept.

Let’s Relax: Also Google cause many branches
Tammy jio-ed me to go to this one cause she went to the atas Thonglor one(with onsen). I still haven’t found the time to go to that branch but I’ve tried at least 2 or 3 other branches. The massage is really legit. But some of their staff got a bit of attitude? Maybe cause their business is so good already they don’t really care lol. This place serves free mango sticky rice after your massage. But at 1000 thb for 2 hours traditional Thai massage (Healthland is 600, Relax Time is 650 before member’s discount), my opinion is that they should give me a f big plate of mango sticky rice LOLLL. If you go to any of their branches though, pls try the Citrus Cooling Oil (they sell it at the reception area), I love it sooo much!

Relax Time: 99 Ratchadaphisek Road, The Esplanade 3rd Floor Dindaeng Bangkok 10400
Special mention to this new place cause it’s opened by a Singaporean! I’ve been a couple of times and the massages were really really good! This girl May (I think that’s her name) had me wanting to marry her when I left lol. Also, the above 2 places are always very out of the way for me, like I’ve to specially go there. But this is at Esplanade which is super convenient for me! (Also, the Big Dog Cafe is across the road!!! But I’ll share that later, it’s 3am now zzz.)

That’s all for now. If or when I add pics/info here, I will update on IG stories. If you’ve anything you want me to try or cover, please lemme know in a comment here! Sorry I haven’t added pics, I’ve SO many and you guys keep rushing me to get this out so just bear with this for the time being!


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