EVERYONE has been asking me about my “new” hair.

“What did you do to it?”

“How did you get it like this?”

“Must tong?”

“Did you perm?”


Cos everyone knows….

…my hair used to look like THIS.

Actually. IT STILL DOES.

If I wash it and leave it to dry, it generally looks like this.

I’ve wavy extensions in, I permed the outer ring of my hair(cos I die die wanted volume and the underneath parts are too damaged to be permed), and some parts of it are semi-wavy, some are semi-straight. IT’S A MESS…


Introducing the Babyliss Big Hair!

It’s basically a hair dryer + hair brush + hair curler ALL IN ONE.

These are the steps:

1. Towel dry your hair as much as possible
2. Section and clamp the top of your hair up
3. Work through your hair starting with a manageable section (the idea is to get the heat distributed to the hair evenly, so the curls will stay)
4. So here you take a manageable bunch of hair and spin in – always rotate in and out, never pull the brush out while it’s spinning,
5. Last step – work through the ends again! Curl the ends inwards to mid section and hold your brush vertically to give it a nice flick!

 Sounds complicated? It’s NOT! Cos frankly, I barely follow them haha. But try to follow these steps if you’re new to this tool! I mostly curl inwards and I use it both on damp hair and dry hair, works both ways!

It emits hot hair, just like a hairdryer, through the vents of the brush head, functioning like the tools a hair stylist giving you a blowout would use.

The amazing thing about this is the rotating function that you can control!

At the press of a button, the head of the brush rotates and kinda grabs the small layers of hair into the curl. Even different hair lengths!

It’s drastically different from a hair tong, which is super hot and you need to manually grab all the little short strands of hair and force them onto the tong.

This is especially useful for me cos I have tons of layers in my hair and it’s SO hard to get all of them curled at once! 

Almost done! Just the last bit of fringe left…

DONE! My polished look in under 10 mins! Pretty sure I did it in 5 mins but I’d say 10 in case you’re new to this and would take a longer time.

Selfie time cos gorgeous hair is meant to be shared! 

I like to flip my hair to a side part cos it gives more volume…

 Side note: I did this on already dry hair but the super cool part of the Babyliss Big Hair is that it can be used on damp hair! No more waiting around for hair to completely dry! It uses hot air(like a hairdryer) instead of heated metal(as in a curling tong) to hold the curls, so it works even better on damp towel-dried hair! The curls stay longer and you save even more time. :)



 Thanks BABYLISS BIG HAIR for my shiny full locks these days! Purchase yours from please. Enjoy $10 off when you enter “KAYKAY” after PayPal checkout. Discount is valid for online purchases only and offer ends on 10 June 2014. Free Delivery for the month of May so get it now when the offer is still on! There’s a Mothers’ Day special that includes one Babyliss Big Hair 42mm and one Pocket Mason Pearson Hair Brush as well so please check that out too! X

11 thoughts on “Advertorial–

  1. Hi kay kay, I actually quite like your wavy hair! What type of perm is this to achieve the hair in your first picture?

    Thank you :))

    • The long wavy ones are from the hair extensions, not my own permed hair. The perm on my own hair is very loose(don’t think it’s very discernible
      ), I did it more for volume, at this Japanese salon in Novena.

  2. Hi Kay Kay,

    Was wondering how would you compare the Babyliss curler with the Repit Hair Curler from DRX that you reviewed some time back?


    • Depends on if it’s layered. The Babyliss is great for layered hair and looser/bigger curls. The Repit is more like a tong combined with a brush; Babyliss more like hairdryer and brush. If you’ve wet hair and you’re in a rush then def the Babyliss cos it dries your hair at the same time.

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