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This post is gonna excite a lot of you! Especially those with an obsession with being fair and those with oily skin woes!

Now, you know the MOST fundamental part of skincare is SUNBLOCK right?

No matter where you get your skincare from, from a clinic like IDS or from beauty counters or pharmacies, the one thing they have in common is that they always stress on the importance of sunblock.

Without protection from the sun and UV rays, your skin WILL age FAST. And wtv product you use can’t completely undo sun damage.

Don’t need me to say la right? Everyone knows sunblock is mandatory.

Personally, I’m SUPER kiasu. I always wear sunblock. On days I have outdoor shoots or I know I’m gonna be under the sun for a long period of time(read: more than 15 mins lol), I even take ORAL sunblock haha. If anyone’s interested, I take the Heliocare orange pills, and their orange and green ones for extra protection when I feel I need more. This is normal right??? I have even more kiasu friends who wear sunblock to Zouk, I swear! Like at night!

Having said that, I think it’s safe to say that VERY few people like to put on sunblock. It’s not pleasant. Some are thick, some too watery, some don’t spread evenly, some make your skin oil up. Correct??

Well, today Imma introduce a new brand(new to Singapore!) called 1028 that will change the way you view sunblock!

1028 is from Taiwan and it’s HUGE there. The Taiwanese girls LOVE being fair, to the point that they go for whitening jabs just to be fair(I did those a couple of times before they were banned in Singapore! They worked but results don’t last very long. In any case, banned already la. *sad*)!

So anyway, back to 1028. I know you’re skeptical cos I was too! I’ve literally NEVER heard of the brand!

But they sent me these 2 products to try and I did anyway…

The 1028 Skin UV Whitening Sunscreen and the 1028 Ultimate Oil-Control Powder. The packaging is so clean and sweet!

Bare-faced with just the Skin UV Whitening Sunscreen on. The texture is FABULOUS. Really light, thin and it’s absorbed immediately! Such a brightening effect too!

I’ve used it for a week and I LOVE it. Enough coverage(for a sunscreen) plus I feel it has evened out the tone of my skin. My skin feels really protected without any of that “sunblock feeling”!

 These are its benefits:

  • Non greasy
  • Can be used as a skin care essence base
  • Boast of SPF 50 protection
  • Contains 2% tranexamic acid with Vitamin C, hence making it highly effective in skin whitening as well
 Watch the video on my new fave sunscreen. They put it on half her face so you can compare better! (Video is in mandarin but their mandarin is so pro even I don’t understand some terms haha. Just watch, you’ll get the gist!)

Next up, the 1028 Ultimate Oil-Control Powder that goes so well with the sunscreen!

This is with the sunscreen and then the 1028 Ultimate Oil-Control Powder over it. You’re supposed to use it over your T-zone and areas where you oil up more. I used it all over my face to show you girls the texture of this. It’s incredibly fine(not cakey AT ALL) and mattifies shiny areas without drying your skin like most powders do! Superb for touch-ups! And the packaging is so tiny and cute. Love this!

Benefits of 1028 Ultimate Oil-Control Powder:

  • Mineral-based ultimate oil control powder
  • Helps to keep your makeup stays matte throughout the dat
  • Perspiration proof
  • Cute small packaging, easy to carry around
Watch the YouTube video on this oil-control powder HERE!

Just for the month of August, you get 20% off when you buy both the Skin UV Whitening Sunscreen and the Ultimate Oil-Control Powder!

This promo is available at the following outlets:

- Tiong Bahru Plaza
- Tampines Mall
- Singapore Post
- Ngee Ann City
- Bugis Junction
- City Square Mall
- AMK Hub
- Junction 8
- Novena Square
- Toa Payoh Hub
- Northpoint
- Bukit Panjang Plaza
- Causeway Point

- Wisma Atria
- Westgate
- Tampines one
- Jurong Point
- 100 AM
- Plaza Singapura
- LOT 1
- Causeway Point
- Vivo City
- Great World City
- Junction 8
- Novene Square
- Parkway Parade
- Bedok Mall
- Hougang Mall
- Chinatown Point
- Holland Village
- Northpoint
- Clifford Centre

Sorry for the long list! Just know that 1028 is gonna rock our shores in a big way! Lots of exciting stuff they have other than these! Can’t wait to try out more and share! :)

 FB Page: 1028 Singapore

Instagram: @1028SINGAPORE

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