Advertorial– Just Tangy feat. Claire Aristides

Christmas is around the corner once again. Have you gotten all your presents yet?

If you’re at a loss and clueless, here’s a great gift that is sweet and subtle yet speaks volumes of your heart.

Claire Aristides’ Infinity bracelet in Rose Gold

Just a hint of blush on the most delicate and intricately made 9 ct gold bracelet. Such super fine workmanship, I have to strain my eyes to see the CLAIRE ARISTIDES words engraved so perfectly on it.

If you remember, I’m a HUGE fan of their horseshoe bracelet. I’ve been wearing it for over a year, never taken it off. For something that looks so fragile because it’s so thin, it wears incredibly well.

Personally, I prefer tiny jewellery that I can wear everyday, instead of big statement pieces. I find that because the CA bracelets are so subtle, they go with anything.


With my watch.

With my Cartier love bangle.

With my Clic Clac.

The CA bracelet never fights for attention with or outshines my other accessories. Just compliments them quietly.

And that, to me, is a mark of love.

Show someone special some Xmas love. There are diamond versions of these(gotta pre-order though) and an even tinier version of this Infinity bracelet that’s exclusive to Just Tangy. Check them out here>>>


Just Tangy is having a special Infinity charm Christmas gift set which comes with 2 Infinity bracelets. Choose between two colours – white gold or rose gold, gift yourself one and the other one to your best friend this Christmas! Such a significant gift– a symbol of eternal love on your wrist. There are only 10 of these gift sets so hurry get one for Christmas Gifting!

Throwback to my Tokyo trip last month with both my Claire Aristides bracelets: Infinity in Rose Gold and Horseshoe in White Gold, and my hot bubbletea(SO good in the cold). Love. X

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