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Ahhh what a great journey it has been. My year-long ambassadorship with SkinnyMint has finally come to an end. Sad to say goodbye but I’m so so thankful for the opportunities I’ve had and the wonderful people I’ve gotten to know from my work with SkinnyMint. :)

Gonna recap my awesome year with some pics on how I’ve enjoyed my SkinnyMint teas in my daily life…

If you’re new to this, SkinnyMint is a simple 2-step natural tea detox program:

Step 1 is the Morning Boost Tea every morning:

A special formulation of guarana, Green Tea & Yerba Mate to create a fruity and fresh tea blend.

Expertly created to maximize naturally occurring vitality boosting ingredients.

Step 2 is the Night Cleanse Tea every other night:

A special Night Time formulation of Ginger root, Lemongrass, Senna leaves, and Psyllium husk, combined to purify and detox the body.

The Morning Boost curbs your appetite and gives you more energy in the day, while the Night Cleanse helps to flush out and detox your system.

It’s super easy, you don’t have to diet, AND the ingredients are completely natural.

Personally, I’m not on a weight loss regime. I just want to maintain my ideal weight, which is not easy cause I snack a lot and have irregular meals that lead to binge-eating. Oops. Also, I definitely do not consume enough fibre (#meatlover) which results in me being constipated. SkinnyMint has helped me tremendously in detoxifying my body.

Disclaimer: I have a lot more pics of the Morning Boost cause whenever I take the Night Cleanse, I’m in bed and barefaced and about to sleep haha. It doesn’t mean I love the Night Cleanse any less.  It is in fact the MOST gentle laxative I’ve ever tried, none of the crazy cramps or cold sweat that laxatives typically are associated with.



This was when SkinnyMint had a promotion for people who just wanted to try the Morning Boost instead of the bundle that includes the Night Cleanse. Do follow them on Instagram at @skinnymintcom cause they have promotions and giveaways all year long!



On the set of Babe Of All Trades with the crew from Hello Productions(hello John, hello back of Vivian’s head lol). Think this was the interview segment of Ep 8 or 9 or 10 of BOAT(yes we film eps way before you see them online cause reality shows are SUPER tedious to edit!). They were getting the framing right and running the questions by me before filming, so there I was with my Morning Boost hehe.

In bed with the Night Cleanse. It has a slight herbal taste, due to the ginger root and lemon grass, but it doesn’t taste bad! Kinda warming and soothing. And I’ve reiterated this tons of times but I can’t say this enough: there’s no epic tummyache with this! Most people who have undergone some sort of teatox will tell you how bad the cramping and pain was, but this is really subtle! You’ll feel a mild churning in your belly telling you it’s time to go hehe. So PLEASE take this at night before you sleep, and NOT before some anniversary dinner or hot date LOL.


A lot of people ask me about my workout routine, but I don’t work out at all, and I’ve only very recently picked up yoga. I’m blessed with a small frame but I’m super lazy, so yeah I need all the help I can get outside of exercising lol. SkinnyMint is really really good for bloatedness, which I always get. Pictured here with the Morning Boost but I took the Night Cleanse the night before so credit has to go to it haha.


Fun fact: I own at least 30-40 bikinis but I can’t swim to save my life. I just love hanging by the pool and at beaches cause water calms me down. Plus I can never resist cute bikinis! 

Eric took these pics of me and no, I don’t always sit in a bikini in bed while doing work lol I’m usually in a giant sloppy tee and glasses #keepingitreal. Shoutout to SkinnyMint for the mint Macbook Air casing they got me a year ago when I first became their ambassador. I’m still using it now! Mint is such a gorgeous and soothing colour. :)

Talking about mint, these pics are from SkinnyMint’s 1-year-old party at Lantern in March! The dress code was something mint and the decor of the place was all in mint! Look at the balloons and even the cocktails! I rem I got an awesome door gift at the event: olive green and black Lululemon yoga pants that I wore for the OBS ep on BOAT hehe. If you ever have a chance to attend a SkinnyMint event, please go!

 From some throwback pics to the most recent ones from the set of a brand new playlist that’s coming out reallyyyy soon on my YouTube channel! Eric is my co-host and it’s fun, funny, cute and it’ll be such a blast! So excited for it to air already so please stay tuned! Unfortunately for us, Eric has a day job so we film on his free days which means many eps of filming in a single day. Here’s me with my Morning Boost for some much needed energy. My body doesn’t take coffee too well so I’m thankful for this perk-me-up without the usual side effects I get from coffee!

My brand ambassador image from a year back. Oh man, such memories… It’s so true though, the most important thing a girl wears is her confidence. I’m sure many of us would like to be skinnier/taller/prettier, but IMO making the best of what you have and being happy with yourself is far more important.

One of the things I love and admire about SkinnyMint is how they promote natural results with natural products, while championing a healthy lifestyle and spirit.

If you’ll like to give this teatox a try or stock up on your stash, go here:

On this ending note, I’d personally like to bring your attention to a fellow SkinnyMint brand ambassador Kylie Jenner’s recent Instagram posts on the #IAmMoreThan campaign. She’s been sharing stories of people from all walks of life dealing with each of their seemingly insurmountable problems and how they’ve beaten the odds and overcome them. Incredibly touching and inspiring.

Till next time, love and light to all. X


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