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Hello you sweethearts who took the time to come here(thank you!).

Today’s post is on this awesome product I got to try out! If you were a vain girl in secondary school(like me lol), this product will definitely resonate with you!

Remember in school, nail polish was banned?? No coloured nails, even clear polish also cannot! So what did most girls, myself included, do?

Yes LOL. We buffed our nails.

I remember buying the nail buffers from Watsons and buffing and buffing till my nails gleamed. Took me forever but hey, I got shiny nails. :D

Apart from them looking much better, did you know the OTHER benefits to buffing your nails? Please read!

Benefits of Nail Buffing
1. Improves circulation in the nail bed. Poor circulation impedes healthy nail growth and results in weak nails that are prone to splitting. Regular buffing stimulates the circulation and helps our nails grow healthier.
2. Prevents peeling and smooths down ridges. Those of you trying to grow your nails longer might experience peeling and weak tips that always seem to crack/split. Buffing your nails is equivalent to trimming your split ends before the split goes up higher the hair shaft. If you buff the ridges smooth, it will deter the nails from peeling and breaking.
3. Helps nail treatments penetrate better and nail polish adhere better. Pretty self-explanatory. :)
4. Prevents nail discolouration. Buffing removes debris and stain-causing products, giving you naturally pretty nails. 

All these benefits are well and good but the EVEN BETTER news now is that we no longer have to huff and buff (please take a moment to appreciate my pun hah!) to get these shiny digits!

Introducing the Scholl Velvet Smooth Electronic Nail Care System that gives you shiny healthy looking nails effortlessly! It’s a pen-like device that does all the buffing electronically, so you don’t have to do all the work! In 3 simple steps, you can get professional manicure/pedicure results at home, at work, on the bus/mrt, literally anywhere. And it’s really so so so fun and convenient to use! Lemme show you!

See my ultra jialat nails:
Granted, this hand isn’t that bad(my left hand was much worse but being a right-hander, I tried the buffing on my left hand first–not expecting it to work this well–so now I gotta use my right hand for the Before pic lol). Over the past year, I had extensions and gel polish on ALL the time, I never buffed them. They’re dull, brittle and FULL of ridges, hence the lack of shine.

So we begin! With dry nails please; wet nails are too soft so make sure your nails are dry before you start!

The device comes with 3 interchangeable heads that are both number and colour coded. Dark turquoise is 1, mint is 2, white is 3. So this is Step 1, where you use it to file your nails to the desired shape. If you have very long nails, I suggest using a nail clipper to trim closer to the shape you want, before using this step to refine and perfect the shape.

My nails were a decent shape from my previous manicure already so this step was really quick for me. The device also comes with 2 speed settings– I always use the faster one cause ain’t nobody got time for dat hahaha.

So this is Step 2, the mint-coloured one. This is the gentle buffer which imho is the most important step. This buffs away the uneven ridges and discolouration and whatever is unsightly on your nails. You MUST take the time to do this step properly, if not Step 3 will not work as well! Scholl recommends no more than 15 seconds of buffing per nail per week. But my nails as mentioned were really damaged and the ridges were outta control, so I spent longer than that for some of my nails. Keep checking to see if the surface of the nails is smoothened out. Then you’re ready for the last step!

Step 3, the white head. Use the same motion as in Step 2, and just watch the device work its magic! I swear when I first did it, my thumb was SO shiny I thought I got water on it! I mean, I’ve buffed my nails before but it always took a ton of effort. This time, I just had to press the polishing head on my nail and VOILA:

SUPERDUPER SHINY NAILS. Without any polish! I can’t believe these are my natural nails hahaha.


Cool right?? The best part is that it takes so little effect cause the battery does most of the work for you. I can watch Netflix and do this at the same time– barely need to even look at it! Now it’s beside my bed and every time a scene in Marvel’s Arrow(I’m currently on a superhero series binge) is boring, I just switch on my Scholl baby and buff haha.

Watch a short video of the Scholl Velvet Smooth Electronic Nail Care System in action!

If you want easy shiny healthy nails in the comfort of your own home, the Scholl Velvet Smooth Nail Care System is available at major pharmacies or click on the below image to buy online or read more about it! 

P/S: The set already comes with the 3 interchangeable heads but if you need to replace them or want a separate set for your toes or someone else, the pharmacies and online stores also sell the refills. :) #SchollWOWnails #SchollSG

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